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   Technology StocksBLUEPOINT LINUX (BLPT), the RED HAT of CHINA??....

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To: Rolla Coasta who started this subject4/22/2003 9:38:23 PM
From: SEC-ond-chance
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SCORE ONE to follow in Bluepoint's footsteps
Score One Inc · 8-K · For 3/25/3 · EX-10.1

5.03 LITIGATION. Except for the investigation in Hong Kong and the
cooperation with the Securities and Exchange Commission. there is no claim,
action, suit, arbitration or other legal or administrative proceeding, nor any
order, decree or judgment pending or in effect, or to the best knowledge of
Score One, in progress or threatened, against or relating to Score One,
Advanced Technology or Fu Cheong, any of their officers or directors or the
transactions contemplated by this Agreement which could have a materially
adverse effect on Score One

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To: Rolla Coasta who started this subject5/9/2003 11:50:16 PM
From: SEC-ond-chance
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Time to meet Yonghzi Yang

Dr. Charley Yang, Ph. D, Vice President
Dr. Yang is the Vice-President of China Business Chain, Inc., which is a strategic partner of K & J in China. Dr. Yang has helped numerous Chinese companies raise capital and find joint venture partners with US companies as well as helping US companies find joint venture partners in China. He has also served as consultant for Chinese companies in dealing with SEC and state regulator related matters and has helped complete several mergers and acquisitions transactions. His background also includes years of working experience in computer network companies, medical imaging processing lab, and Internet and web server related projects. Dr. Yang received Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in University of Florida and taught math and computer science course in Alabama State University.

CBC is adept at the service in U.S. BBX (over the counter bulletin board) to help you achieve acquisition transactions and going public through a public shell company. The service covers all the related business from finding a clean shell company to the success in going public. Several Chinese enterprises, such as SoftHouse and Bluepoint, Linux, have successfully gone public in U.S. BBXwith the help of CBC.

USA Headquarters: China Headquarters:
Addr: One World Trade Center Suite 800
Long beach, CA 90831 USA
Tel: 562-983-8088
Fax: 562-983-8001

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To: Rolla Coasta who started this subject5/9/2003 11:52:01 PM
From: SEC-ond-chance
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K&J Consulting, Ltd. is a consulting firm focusing on bridging the gaps between US and Asian companies. Having established a wide network among US companies and Chinese companies, K&J is well positioned to provide business-consulting services to both US and Chinese companies.
K&J has helped US companies find joint venture partners and establish joint ventures, assisted US companies enter the Chinese markets, and helped US companies identify OEM manufacturers in China.

K&J has also helped Chinese companies establish strategic relations with large US companies, enter US and other international market, establish joint ventures with US companies, become US public companies and raise funding. K&J helped its clients win well-known customers such as Lucent, Nokia and Texas Instrument

Management Team

Dr. Charley (Yongzhi) Yang, President

Dr. Yang has in-depth knowledge in computer software, computer networking, and internet application. He has been in the investment business in America since 1995 and he invested several IT companies both in America and China. Dr. Yang is very familiar with NASDAQ market and he successfully brought Chinese hi-tech companies to NASDAQ. Dr. Yang graduated from Beijing University of Technology in 1982 with an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from University of Florida. Dr. Yang is currently the president of K&J Consulting Merger and Acquisition

Partnering with a network of investment banking firms, consultants, attorneys, and accountants, K & J assisted Asian companies’ effort in accessing the US capital market through merger, joint venture, and fund raising.

Through the reverse merger of Forlink Software Corp., K & J became the pioneer in bringing Chinese private companies public in US market through reverse mergers.

Reverse merger is a faster and cheaper way for a private company to go public. To do a reverse merger, a private company would find a public "shell" - a public company that has little or no operation and assets. Usually the shell has to be "clean" , that is, with little or no liability, and with no current or potential legal problems. In a reverse merger, the public shell issues shares to the shareholders of the private company to acquire (usually 100%) shares of the private company. Subsequently, the shareholders of the private company become the majority (usually 90%-95%) shareholders of the public company, the directors and officers of the public shell resign and appoint the new directors designated by the private company. A reverse merger deal could be a "cash deal" (in which the majority shareholders of the public shell are bought-out with cash) or a "non cash deal" (in which no cash changes hands).

Unlike most of the consulting companies working in the merger and acquisition business, K & J not only provides consulting services in the merger process, it also offers consulting services to help its clients become truly international company. These services include, developing business strategy, establishing strategic partnership with foreign companies and international marketing.

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To: SEC-ond-chance who wrote (50)8/14/2003 9:24:02 AM
From: SEC-ond-chance
   of 58
U.S. District Court

for the Southern District of Ohio (Columbus)


United States Sec v. Sierra Brokerage, et al

Filed: 04/11/03
Assigned to: Judge John D. Holschuh
Jury demand: Defendant
Referred to: Mag. Judge Mark R. Abel
Demand: $0,000
Nature of Suit: 850
Lead Docket: None
Jurisdiction: US Plaintiff
Dkt# in other court: None
Cause: 15:77 Securities Fraud


plaintiff Securities & Exchange
Midwest Regional Office
175 W Jackson Boulevard
Suite 900
Chicago, IL 60604-2615
FTS 353-7398

Amy S Cotter
175 W Jackson
Suite 900
Chicago, IL 60604


SIERRA BROKERAGE SERVICES INC, Sierra Brokerage Services Inc
c/o Jeffery A Richardson [COR LD NTC] [PRO SE]
President 2000 Bethel Road
defendant Columbus, OH 43220

defendant [COR LD NTC] [PRO SE]
66 Waldheim Road
Morton, IL 61550

defendant [COR LD NTC] [PRO SE]
4378 Hickory Wood Drive
Columbus, OH 43228

AARON TSAI Ronald E DePetris
defendant [COR LD NTC]

Frederick Morris Luper
(614) 221-7663
Luper Neidenthal & Logan - 2
50 West Broad Street
Suite 1200
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 221-7663

Aaron Tsai
17 N. Governor St
Evansville, IN 47711

defendant 303-892-7484
Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP - 2
1550 Seventeenth Street
Suite 500
Denver, CO 80202
FTS 893-1379

defendant (See above)

defendant [COR LD NTC] [PRO SE]
PO Box 10910
Grand Cayman,,
Cayman Isl

YONGZHI YANG Richard Wayne Ross
defendant [COR LD NTC]
Means Bichimer Burkholder &
Baker - 2
2006 Kenny Road
Columbus, OH 43221-3502
FTS 485-2019

Irving M Einhorn

Law Offices of Irvin M Einhorn
South Tower
1601 Cloverfield Boulevard
2nd Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90404-1151
FTS 798-5910

K&J CONSULTING, c/o Yongzhi Irving M Einhorn
Yang (See above)
defendant [COR LD NTC]

KE LUO Irving M Einhorn
defendant (See above)

Benjamin Brian Segel
445 Hutchinson Avenue
Suite 800
Columbus, OH 43235
FTS 760-0177

M&M MANAGEMENT LTD, c/o Ke Luo Irving M Einhorn
defendant (See above)

Benjamin Brian Segel
(See above)

defendant (See above)





4/11/03 1 COMPLAINT (referred to Mag. Judge Mark R. Abel ) ( no.
pgs: 31) (sln) [Entry date 04/14/03]

4/11/03 2 MOTION by plt for admission of attorney Cotter & Lo pro
hac vice ( no pgs: 3) (fee waived) (sln)
[Entry date 04/14/03]

4/11/03 -- Summons issued as to all dfts' (sln) [Entry date 04/14/03]

4/15/03 3 ORDER by Mag. Judge Mark R. Abel granting motion for
admission of attorney Cotter & Lo pro hac vice [2-1] (cc:
all counsel) ( no pgs: 1) (jc) [Entry date 04/16/03]

5/1/03 -- Mail Returned [3-1] addressed to Amy S Cotter for plaintiff
United States Sec (jc) [Entry date 05/08/03]

5/5/03 4 MOTION by defendant Jerome B Armstrong for appointment of
counsel ( no pgs: 1) (jc) [Entry date 05/08/03]

5/29/03 5 Wavier of Service executed upon defendant Sierra Brokerage,
defendant Richard Geiger, defendant Jeffrey A Richardson,
defendant Michael M Markow, defendant Global Guarantee,
defendant Yongzhi Yang, defendant K&J Consulting, defendant
Ke Luo, defendant M&M Management Ltd, defendant Jerome B
Armstrong on 4/16/03 ( no pgs: 20) (jc)
[Entry date 05/30/03]

6/5/03 6 MOTION for admission of attorney Irving Einhorn. for defts
Yang, K and K, Luo, and M and M Management. pro hac vice (
no pgs: 3) (jc) [Entry date 06/09/03]

6/11/03 7 ORDER by Mag. Judge Mark R. Abel granting motion for
admission of attorney Irving Einhorn. for defts Yang, K and
K, Luo, and M and M Management. pro hac vice [6-1] (cc:
all counsel) ( no pgs: 1) (jc) [Entry date 06/12/03]

6/13/03 8 WAIVER OF SERVICE mailed to defendant Aaron Tsai on
4/23/03 Answer due on 6/22/03 for Aaron Tsai ( no pgs: 2)
(pl) [Entry date 06/14/03]

6/13/03 9 ANSWER by defendant Yongzhi Yang, defendant K&J Consulting
( no pgs: 23) (jimh) [Entry date 06/16/03]

6/13/03 10 ANSWER by defendant Ke Luo, defendant M&M Management Ltd (
no pgs: 26) (jimh) [Entry date 06/16/03]

6/19/03 -- Mail Returned [7-1] addressed to Sierra Brokerage for
defendant Sierra Brokerage, no current address in file (jimh)
[Entry date 06/24/03]

6/23/03 11 NOTICE by defendant Ke Luo, defendant M&M Management Ltd
of change of address for atty ( no pgs: 2) (jimh)
[Entry date 06/27/03]

7/3/03 12 ANSWER by defendant Jeffrey A Richardson ( no pgs: 21) (pl)
[Entry date 07/03/03]

7/17/03 13 MOTION by defendant Michael M Markow, defendant Global
Guarantee for an approvalto extend time to 8/8/2003, to
move or plead ( no pgs: 3 + exh) (jimh)
[Entry date 07/21/03]

7/24/03 14 ORDER by Mag. Judge Mark R. Abel granting motion to
extend time to 8/8/2003 to move or plead [13-1] (cc: all
counsel) ( no pgs: 1) (sh) [Entry date 07/25/03]
[Edit date 07/28/03]

7/28/03 15 RETURN OF SERVICE executed upon defendant Francois Goelo
on 7/16/03 ( no pgs: 3) (jimh) [Entry date 07/29/03]

8/1/03 -- Mail Returned [14-1] addressed to Sierra Brokerage for
defendant Sierra Brokerage (jimh) [Entry date 08/06/03]

8/5/03 16 NOTICE of hearing ; Settlement conference set at 9:00 on
10/7/03 (cc: all counsel) (jimh) [Entry date 08/06/03]

8/5/03 17 MOTION by dft Aaron Tsai for admission of attorney Ronald
DePetris pro hac vice ( no pgs: 3) (fee paid) (sln)
[Entry date 08/07/03]

8/6/03 18 ANSWER by dft Aaron Tsai; jury demand ( no pgs: 9) (sln)
[Entry date 08/07/03]

8/6/03 19 MOTION by dft Aaron Tsai to extend time to answer ( no
pgs: 4) (sln) [Entry date 08/07/03]

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From: StockDung12/23/2005 3:01:22 PM
   of 58
"GOELO X-MAS mall experience, as told by F G +++ :"

By: smoking_gunn0
01 Feb 2002, 03:25 PM EST Msg. 10543 of 13151
(This msg. is a reply to 10542 by F_GOELO.)
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GOELO xmas mall experience, as told by F G +++ :

A couple of weeks ago, as Christmas was
approaching, I was rushing around
> trying to get some last minute shopping done. I
was stressed out and not
> thinking very fondly of the Christmas season
right then. It was dark,
> cold,
> and wet in the parking lot of the mall as I was
loading my car up with
> gifts
> that I felt obligated to buy. I noticed that I
was missing a receipt that
> I
> might need later, so mumbling under my breath, I
retraced my steps to the
> mall entrance.
> As I was searching the wet pavement for the lost
receipt, I heard a quiet
> sobbing. The crying was coming from a poorly
dressed boy of about 12
> years
> old. He was short and thin. He had no coat. He
was just wearing a
> ragged flannel shirt to protect him from the cold
night's chill. Oddly
> enough, he was holding a hundred dollar bill in
his hand. Thinking that
> he
> had gotten lost from his parents, I asked him
what was wrong. He told me
> his sad story. He said that he came from a large
family-three brothers
> and
> four sisters. His father had died when he was
nine years old. His mother
> was poorly educated and worked two full time
> She made very little to support her large family.
Nevertheless, she had
> managed to skimp and save two hundred dollars to
buy her children
> Christmas
> presents. The young boy had been dropped off at
the mall by his mother on
> the way to her second job. He was to use the
money to buy presents for
> all
> his siblings and save just enough to take the bus
home. He had not even
> entered the mall, when an older boy grabbed one
of the hundred dollar
> bills
> and disappeared into the night.
> "Why didn't you scream for help?" I asked.
> The boy said, "I did."
> "And nobody came to help you?" I wondered aloud.
> The boy stared at the sidewalk and sadly shook
his head.
> "How loud did you scream?" I inquired.
> The soft-spoken boy looked up and meekly
whispered, "Help me!"
> I realized that absolutely no one could have
heard that poor boy cry for
> help. So I grabbed his other hundred and ran to
my car.

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To: SEC-ond-chance who wrote (56)7/6/2021 12:53:12 PM
From: StockDung
   of 58
SEC Charges Disbarred Attorney with Violating an Order Barring Him from Appearing or Practicing as an Attorney Before the CommissionLitigation Release No. 25130 / July 1, 2021Securities and Exchange Commission v. Shawn F. Hackman, No. 2:21-cv-01234 (D. Nev. filed June 30, 2021)
The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it filed an Application in federal district court alleging that Shawn F. Hackman violated a September 10, 2002 Commission Order that suspended him from appearing or practicing before the Commission as an attorney after he was disbarred by the Supreme Court of Nevada.

According to the SEC's Application, filed pursuant to Section 21(e)(1) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Hackman violated the order by (1) drafting and providing legal advice on SEC filings made by scores of companies, and (2) directly communicating with SEC staff on substantive legal issues concerning SEC filings. The SEC's Application further alleges that Hackman earned more than $800,000 for work that violated his suspension order. The SEC seeks a federal court order requiring him to comply with the suspension order and to disgorge all profits earned in violation of that order.

In addition to the charges against Hackman, the Commission instituted administrative proceedings against Elaine A. Dowling, Esq. and Harold P. Gewerter, Esq., pursuant to Section 4C of the Securities Exchange of Act of 1934 and Rule 102(e) of the Commission's Rules of Practice. The administrative proceedings allege that Dowling and Gewerter engaged in improper professional conduct by allowing and enabling Hackman to appear and practice before the SEC in violation of his suspension (and his Nevada disbarment) while they employed Hackman as a purported "paralegal." Gewerter consented to the entry of an order denying him the privilege of appearing or practicing before the Commission. A hearing will be scheduled before an administrative law judge in the proceeding against Dowling.

The SEC's investigation has been conducted by Eric Reicher and Karen Shimp and supervised by Thomas Karr. The litigation will be handled by the same attorneys, all in the SEC's Office of the General Counsel.

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