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Formerly About Advanced Micro Devices 1164460    17 minutes ago16298
A Real American President: Donald TrumpHoney_Bee157365    an hour ago10755
View from the Center and Leftepicure417697    6 minutes ago6203
The Trump Presidencybentway135654    5 hours ago4428
Politics for Pros- moderatedLindyBill691082    4 hours ago3455
Sioux NationCautious_Optimist318693    3 hours ago1783
The Donald Trump PresidencyGROUND ZERO™32234    8 hours ago1022
Liberalism: Do You Agree We've Had Enough of It?TideGlider218192    31 minutes ago733
Tell a joke - anything goesGROUND ZERO™6601    yesterday 581
Fake NewsFUBHO13040    yesterday 54
The Exxon Free Environmental ThreadWharf Rat39676    yesterday 44
A Hard Look At Donald TrumpBrumar8917558    yesterday 431
The Surveillance StatenewGlenn Petersen38    yesterday 3411
Rat's Nest - Chronicles of CollapseWharf Rat21140    yesterday 31
Dutch Central Bank Sale Announcement Imminent? 59317    9 hours ago29
Politics of EnergyBrumar8982490    yesterday 222
Mainstream Politics and Economicsgamesmistress81818    yesterday 21
Canadian Political Free-for-AllKitskid19841    yesterday 82
Climate Changeryanaka635    yesterday 81
Welcome to Slider's DugoutSliderOnTheBlack29623    8 minutes ago71
Politics for ConservativesJ.B.C.106955    yesterday 71
Libertarian Discussion Forummiraje12353    last Friday7
Military Strategy BoardLindyBill9773    last Friday63
Sam's miscellanySam824    6 hours ago51
Bush-The Mastermind behind 9/11? 20030    Saturday51
WarCarolyn22857    last Wednesday4
Politics for Honest Conservativessense2786    yesterday 31
Socialized Education - Is there abetter way?Peter Dierks1388    6 hours ago2
The Environmentalist ThreadLand Shark36345    yesterday 21
A US National Health Care System?Peter Dierks42328    last Friday2
The Runaway Income and Wealth Inequality in Americaryanaka28    yesterday 1
Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy of Death, Disease, DepravitGreg or e1148    Saturday1
The CastleTimF7587    last Friday1
Guns in Americaryanaka10    last Friday1
BuSabJorj X Mckie23934    last Wednesday1
The 2nd Amendment-- The Facts........arno10042    last Tuesday1
Peak Oil reality or Myth, of an out of Control Systemdvdw©1463    last Tuesday1
The JudiciaryPeter Dierks797    September 8
America Under Siege: The End of InnocenceTeresa Lo26506    September 61
Left Wing Democratic PorchHorgad1722    September 32
Foreign Affairs Discussion GroupFaultLine281420    September 2
Canada@The HotStove Clubaxial1196    August 281
The Clown-Free Bible Study ZoneBox-By-The-Riviera™2000    August 25
Posters on SIsandeep278    August 25
Foreign Policy Discussion ThreadHawkmoon12505    August 231

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