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This thread is based on the premise that we are within a few years of reaching Hubbert's Peak. It appears that our civilization is rapidly approaching the time when cheap and plentiful energy will be a thing of the past. This will put profound strains on our current lifestyles. Some predictions seem to have us running off a cliff into a Road Warrior world. Others foresee "a long slow emergency."

Recently, Willits, Ca, has started to lay the groundwork for a sustainable community after the end of cheap and readily available cabon-based energy. My little town of Laytonville is following the lead of our larger southern neighbors, and we are about 3 months behind them in the process.
Rat's Nest is meant for the exchange of information about helping communities survive whatever economic dislocations occur as the result of energy shortfalls. It is not meant for a discussion about the validity of peak oil or global warming, and I will ban anybody who shows up just to throw rocks in da nile. There are plenty of other threads for those discussions. We will assume that we are headed for trouble, and attempt to come up with a plan of action for your own community.
I live in a small community populated with old hippies, back to the landers, loggers, and ranchers. The old timers know how to survive bad times. Lots of us old Mother Earth News types moved up here to live closer to nature, so we start our sustainability projects in fairly good shape. Lots of folks are off-the-grid, provide their own water, & grow a lot of their own food (and smoke). I'm not sure how a project like this would work in NYC, so for those of you living there, think about moving to Maine. What can I say? And, if you live in SF, think South or East.

Track California's electricity portfolio in real time

A peak oil superblog..

The new website focuses on preparation for, and dealing with, the effects of Peak Oil, economic collapse, and a host of other looming disruptions, any one of which could cause serious problems in our society.

The Willits Plan

My friend and Willits resident John thinks he can feed the world.

theme song, thanks to Rosie

This could be the great challenge and adventure of our lives. Should be fun...

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