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Thread Rules As Of 2/13/2018:

No chatter.
No commenting on jokes, i.e., "that's not funny"

There will be zero tolerance on politics of any kind, regardless of whether it is a "joke" or not -- in politics these days, what's funny to half the people is an insult to the other half... therefore, given the history of political flaming here, NO POLITICS OF ANY KIND WILL BE TOLERATED.

1st offense earns a "timeout" ban of 14 days... 2nd offense earns a permanent ban... no exceptions.

I would also prefer no links to YouTube or other social media sites. Just posts. You will not be banned for posting links, but preferential treatment goes to actual jokes posted in the body of the post here and links to other sites may earn a warning or temporary timeout if it is deemed an attempt to skirt the above rules.

This is a Joke thread. Funny stories and jokes. IF YOU start whining or debating jokes, you will go into timeout.
I am an equal opportunity jerk... anything that has any potential to start a flame war will not be tolerated.

This is supposed to be a refuge from politics and flame wars.
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57789The most I'll give ya is I smirked. A little bit. I'm part of a tough Stock Puppy14 hours ago
57788The most I'll give ya is I smirked. A little bit. I'm part of a tough DMaA-6 hours ago
57787That's what I do when I make up jokes. I take an egg and boil the yolk out Stock Puppy26 hours ago
57786That reminds me of a recipe for preparing kidneys. Put them in a pot and boil tDMaA26 hours ago
57785Oh so you thought that was funny? [graphic] Can you bear it?Stock Puppy37 hours ago
57784[youtube video]DMaA-7 hours ago
57783Whadya get when you cross a mallard with a whale? Moby Duck. Whadya get when youStock Puppy17 hours ago
57782I went through all the vowels and there's one more. Whadya get when you croDMaA38 hours ago
57781Whatdya get when you cross John Wayne with a whale? . . . . . Moby Duke.DMaA3yesterday
57780 50 shades of......... Back and forth. . . in and out. . . in and out. . . a lMad26Tuesday
57779A teacher asks the kids in her 3rd grade class: "What do you want to be wheCarolyn5Tuesday
57778A drunken man walks into a biker bar, sits down at the bar and orders a drink. Celtictrader7Tuesday
57777Four guys have been going on the same golfing trip to St. Andrews for many yearsJimisJim7Tuesday
57776A wife comes back home to her husband only to find out that their apartment builRumbleFish3Tuesday
57775A long time ago, in a very flat place, there lived a teenage vulture named Red. JimisJim1Monday
57774A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks aJimisJim1Monday
57773The OT horse is dead... now carrion!JimisJim-Monday
57772 Last Wednesday a passenger in a taxi heading for the airport leaned over to askCharlie_R2Monday
57771My apologies, High Grader... <OT (last one, I promise)>: I was wrong aboutJimisJim-Monday
57770OT: Last clarification of the rules on THIS board... from this day forward (and JimisJim-Monday
57769(OT and no joke -- this is an example of what's NOT cool here) Please... no JimisJim1Monday
57768Wait a minute - who are they keeping away?Stock Puppy1Monday
57767[graphic]Sun Tzu4Monday
57766LOL! Normally I'd agree, but recently I found out that Mac supports WindowsSun Tzu2Monday
57765 Here looking at you kid youtube.comTechKim-Monday
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