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Silicon Investor was designed to be a discussion website and was for many years, but in recent years it seems to have become a lot of little fiefdoms where moderators who have a thread to express their opinions have total control on who can post or respond to, or question their thoughts. I have been a member since 1996 and I feel it is time to turn back the clocks and open up the discussions again.

I would like to see a revision or better control of the thread banning process

Presently it seems that any moderator who doesn’t like a valid or legit question posted on their thread can easily banish the poster for no real reason.

This happened to me recently and I decided it is time to free up SI to make it again a discussion site vs a blog site where posters can respond to a post and not worry about getting banned because of their question or comment.

So the purpose of this thread is for people who feel they are unjustly banned on a thread, to post the comments in question which appears to have gotten them banned and let other users here post their comments on whether the ban appears to be justified or not.

Let the users present their case and let others comment and SI Ron can still be the judge.
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97Man. sure lots of back and forth going on here. giggle However, GZ you are corrFintas-12/21/2017
96Subject marks is another area that needs cleaning up. For example This Big Dogs Don Green-12/21/2017
95Good Morning Don, Of course... you start stepping on my foot, you don't exGROUND ZERO™112/21/2017
94GZ You are the one who seems upset and flustered I am doing fine. Just trying Don Green-12/20/2017
93Don, you are now getting defensive, this means I'm right on target... LOL!!GROUND ZERO™-12/20/2017
92Yes, it was the third button on the right... LOL!!! You're comment wasGROUND ZERO™112/20/2017
91GZ Nice try! that proves nothing. But a little back at you humor on my part Don Green-12/20/2017
90Wow, I must have inadvertently pushed a button there. No need to get so excitedSawdusty112/20/2017
89HUH??? Excuse me, but you do not have access to any of the private messages I sGROUND ZERO™212/20/2017
88Perfect, and you just now illustrated and have proven my point exactly... My poGROUND ZERO™212/20/2017
87"AND THEN, I give the offender THREE warnings BEFORE I ban them..." TSawdusty-12/20/2017
86 stop meddling into how one moderates his/her thread when you have not experiencDon Green-12/20/2017
85Thanks for your advice, but I've already done that many times only to returnGROUND ZERO™-12/20/2017
84GZ you presently have 51 bans Why not clear all of them and see what happens,. Don Green-12/20/2017
83I fully disagree... I moderate a political thread and I openly invite controverGROUND ZERO™-12/20/2017
82SI could build an expiring ban, this way a ban would expire after no more than tDon Green-12/20/2017
81SI could build an expiring ban, this way a ban would expire after no more than tGROUND ZERO™-12/20/2017
80GZDon, sometime a ban is absolutely necessary to keep order much like you wouldDon Green312/20/2017
79Don, sometime a ban is absolutely necessary to keep order much like you would waGROUND ZERO™-12/20/2017
78my only other ban against me occurred early in my SI experience. I have a veryUnderexposed-12/20/2017
77I wish SI removed the banned option all together because I often think it is oveDon Green112/20/2017
76Well, I can understand banning me for that comment but it is the praising me forUnderexposed-12/20/2017
75"I don't think banning should be used because you disagree with a posteTrumptown-12/20/2017
74I talked to the site Emcee and they felt this hostility with you had been an on Don Green212/20/2017
73The banning button should not be at the discretion of an angry thread owner..shoTrumptown-12/20/2017
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