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Silicon Investor was designed to be a discussion website and was for many years, but in recent years it seems to have become a lot of little fiefdoms where moderators who have a thread to express their opinions have total control on who can post or respond to, or question their thoughts. I have been a member since 1996 and I feel it is time to turn back the clocks and open up the discussions again.

I would like to see a revision or better control of the thread banning process

Presently it seems that any moderator who doesn’t like a valid or legit question posted on their thread can easily banish the poster for no real reason.

This happened to me recently and I decided it is time to free up SI to make it again a discussion site vs a blog site where posters can respond to a post and not worry about getting banned because of their question or comment.

So the purpose of this thread is for people who feel they are unjustly banned on a thread, to post the comments in question which appears to have gotten them banned and let other users here post their comments on whether the ban appears to be justified or not.

Let the users present their case and let others comment and SI Ron can still be the judge.
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67i only ban banners..................da_cheif™-September 14
66I have 9 bans and 78 ignores all from extreme right wing idiots...if you are oneGene C.-September 9
65This board serves two groups: Group 1. People who get their undies all in a buHeywood40-September 5
64zman banned me ONLY because he doesn't like my political views you'rpuborectalis-September 5
63GZ is the ultimate banner.....why on this thread??????puborectalis-September 4
62Yep, priceless!!! A perfect list, the three best at SI... LOL!!! GZGROUND ZERO™-September 4
61fumbles cut his ban list down to the 3 that see thru this morons babble silicoda_cheif™1September 4
60I realize that the tweedle twins really aren't even pissed at me, they'rGROUND ZERO™-September 2
59I fully agree with you, Don, except for the trap part... it was no trap, it wasGROUND ZERO™-September 2
58GZ Actually you got set up and you fell into the trap by blasting humble1 rightDon Green-September 2
57Looks like zman banned me again, and this time for reporting true FACTS... is tGROUND ZERO™1September 2
56You're right... it looks like anyone who has common sense and a level head GROUND ZERO™-September 2
55and robert furman is banned also.......of all people ron is the least divisive da_cheif™2September 2
54It's also confusing to me, I just don't know... I try my best to mind mGROUND ZERO™1September 1
53Ok but I get banned for Bans RON of SI has in place for the PNF board. or what TFintas1September 1
52zman banned me ONLY because he doesn't like my political views... humble baGROUND ZERO™1September 1
51I find it of interest you were banned in the first but also find it of interest Fintas1September 1
50Unbanned, done, thanks!!! GZGROUND ZERO™-September 1
49Good Morning Don, Well, it looks like I was banned again from zman's threadGROUND ZERO™2September 1
48stick to pig wrestling rather than banningpuborectalis-August 21 no longer tracking my every click on SI .... i can now, for the Lazarus-June 26
46I could be wrong - but since I've NEVER had this problem before and have bee1Coffeehound-June 26
45When I saw your reply in Mail I hit the reply button and started the timer on myLazarus-June 25
44How do you know you being tracked? Have you tried this DDon Green-June 25
43I never even knew you could contest a ban. After I saw your ban lifted I sent aLazarus1June 25
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