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This is a thread for those who represent the Left Wing of the Democratic Party. We believe in single payer universal health care. We believe in free public college tuition for students coming from families earning under 125K a year. In fact, this has just been passed in NYS. And we believe in a Dovish foreign policy where other nations and cultures are viewed as partners, not adversaries. "We have a dream", as Martin Luther King would say, and don't accept "the lesser of two evils" when it comes to choosing Presidential or Senate candidates because we know that "the lesser of two evils" is still an evil.
From our perspective, we are entering very dark times here with the victory of Donald Trump.
Thanks to the Clintons', the Democratic party has moved so far from the Left that it is at times indistinguishable from the Republican Conservative Party.
This thread is open to Left Wing Democrats and independents who would seriously consider voting for a candidate like Bernie Sanders and find some of Hillary Clinton's positions and the DNC out of touch and downright repulsive.
I am not looking for cynicism or an attitude of it can't be done. I want to discuss issues that are important to the Left Wing of the Democratic Party. And realistically speaking, what will it take to get a Left Wing candidate, such as Bernie Sanders, elected as President of the United States of America. Criticism is always welcome. But if you are going to come on here and put people down as a conservative or centrist Democrat, I'm going to show you the door with no warnings.
Social/political issues can be discussed here. This thread is a safe haven for those who feel deeply and have compassion for their fellow human being. We love diversity and champion it here.
We can also discuss how we lost this election to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and more importantly, what needs to be done, to win Congress back in 2018 and the Presidency in 2020.
This is a thread for those with a very liberal sensitivity.
If you are a proud liberal and believe in an eclectic mix of the best of capitalism and socialism, this thread is not only for you, but it's your thread and political/social home on SI.
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1238That is so you can wear out your enamel and pay for bonding :))Behind Blue Eyes-yesterday
1237I got a little Kim from a Korean Peridontist yesterday who went ballistic tellinRarebird-yesterday
1236Grab a little Kardashian LOLBehind Blue Eyes-yesterday
1235That is exactly why all administrations have the luxury of bombing the crap out Behind Blue Eyes-yesterday
1234That's not surprising. Most Americans (including most liberals) only think iRarebird2yesterday
1233I somewhat agree with you re Trump 2020 and the seeming lack of direction and urBroken_Clock-yesterday
1232Lol.... Yeah, Sounds a lot like "Locker Room Talk".Rarebird-yesterday
1231Is there anything to worry about short term? someone threatened the KardashiaBroken_Clock-yesterday
1230LOL.... I think it's all trash talk unless one of NK's missiles or bombsRarebird-yesterday
1229The way things are going Trump will have started ww3 before 2020, it won't rTerry Maloney-yesterday
1228"Anyone who wants Donald Trump to lose his re-election effort in 2020 needsRarebird1yesterday
1227I've always liked Escobar since I first read him. He gets to the point. zerBroken_Clock-Thursday
1226Amazing hypocrisy or innocence -- didn't any of these clowns read Spy vs. SpTerry Maloney-Wednesday
1225And it will get worse.... zerohedge.comBroken_Clock-Wednesday
1224Can't say I do either. Truly a sad legacy.Broken_Clock1Wednesday
1223>> Yep yet we continue to spend trillions on continued military massacres.Terry Maloney5Wednesday
1222And these "military massacres" would have continued unabated under HilRarebird-Wednesday
1221"trillions on continued military massacres" and continuing physical anWharf Rat-Wednesday
1220"Yep yet we continue to spend billions on continued military follies.."Broken_Clock-Wednesday
1219On this we disagree. medicare for all O care sucksBroken_Clock1Wednesday
1218Yep yet we continue to spend billions on continued military follies..MythMan-Tuesday
1217I am sure you realize that there were thousands of New Yorkers living downtown wRarebird1Tuesday
1216 >>Medicare and Social Security?<< Dump said he wouldn't touch MythMan-Tuesday
1215The Repugnicans aren't happy unless they are hurting someone.... what a dayMannie-Tuesday
1214For all intensive purposes, anyone on Medicaid is screwed. Quite a precedent if Rarebird-Tuesday
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