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This is a thread covering the currently looming ( 11/14/2016 ) Trump presidency. At the moment, it's open to all, but it will be moderated. Attacks on other posters will draw bans. Attacks on Trump or anti-Trump third parties will not. I want to document the Trump presidency from before it starts until it's end.

If you DO want to call people names and attack them, please go private or to this un-moderated thread where you can do everything but break SI rules:

Subject 473

If any criticism of Trump bothers you, there are two Trump cult worship threads where you'll never hear a discouraging word, at least, not for long!

Subject 59620

Subject 59602

If you don't like Trump, but don't like liberals, progressives or (D)'s either, try this thread:

Subject 59693

Daily Events in Trumpistan chronicled:

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” H.L. Mencken, On Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe
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57440WOW!!! What a game. the u.s. had to fight hard for that one and got it. well abuelita1an hour ago
57439Slate broke the story. I've yet to see the level of detail about the activiti-node-2 hours ago
57438I didn't say anything about... ... ah well never mind, we've ended up thone_less12 hours ago
57437I didn't say anything about whether anyone was armed. I simply shot down youi-node12 hours ago
57436Truly a national embarrassment. How much time did he spend telling them how grecombjelly-3 hours ago
57435It is but a small price to pay for freedom. The tree of liberty must be refreshcombjelly-3 hours ago
57434Long term. But we might have reached an inflection point. These things are alwaycombjelly-3 hours ago
57433Give it up, less. Pretending you are stupid doesn't advance any argument. Ucombjelly-3 hours ago
57432Sigh. It really didn't matter in Vegas whether the people in the concert wecombjelly-3 hours ago
57431What will conservatives find in the constitution about AI?bentway-3 hours ago
57430>> Within a few decades no human will match AI I guess we should just sii-node-4 hours ago
5742967% of voters think Trump should publicly release his tax returns. 52% of votebentway-4 hours ago
57428Report: Young Racists Seeking Out 'Hipper' Groups Than KKK KKK membershbentway-4 hours ago
57427President Donald Trump holds notes during a listening session with high school spuborectalis-4 hours ago
57426What will be the psychological cost to the students for this... sun-sentinel.coT'Munney-4 hours ago
57425Sure seems to me he is scared to death of the Russians! The Olympic athletes goSteve Lokness-5 hours ago
57424As I've stated many times before, the solution is going to be AI that negateneolib-5 hours ago
57423It would be nice if could you first explain which are rights everyone has that hone_less-5 hours ago
57422The Vegas shooter clearly spent a great deal of time in Vegas, but he specificali-node15 hours ago
57421Not insane at all. People are seriously proposing we turn our schools, and maybecombjelly-5 hours ago
57420Really small sample sizes with that criteria. To the point that a single incidencombjelly-5 hours ago
57419>> I'd say a down side is that you would create a black market in whati-node-5 hours ago
57418Right. The Crime Prevention Research Center. Not exactly an unbiased source, youcombjelly-5 hours ago
57417>>>" The idea that gun owners have rights that trump everyone elseone_less-5 hours ago
57416>>>"This exercise will show clearly the problem we are struggling one_less15 hours ago
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