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Like many, I have tried for years to lose weight but am always overcome by my food cravings.
An acquaintance I see every 6-months just lost 50-pounds since I last saw him.
He was on the GAPS diet, so I investigated then started Full-GAPS on June 8, 2015.
I don't care about BMI or "healthy" foods or anything like that.
I believe that most fat is healthy and grains are not.
There will not be much exercise involved, though I am active in life and will start lifting light weights a few times a week.
I will eat and exercise according to my beliefs and THIS will be the test.
If successful, I will continue for life.
FOODS: eggs, meat, vegetables, fat from meats, broth from meat bones, hard-cheeses
AVOID: sugar, grains, processed, fructose
PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I pray that my health grows but my weight does not . . I pray that I and others can learn from this journey . . I pray, Lord, that through me in all I do shines your great Light. In Jesus' precious name I pray. Amen.
Welcome to my world.
btw, I am an active Stock trader . . so follow me and my other posts here at SI as well.
Let's have some fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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177That's the idea, you're right on target!!! Keep going and don't looGROUND ZERO™1last Tuesday
176thanks! and I am feeling SO GREAT! That feeling is what drives me now . . makinBlasher1last Tuesday
175WOW, A HUGE CONGRATS IS WELL DESERVED!!! That's an accomplishment, really GROUND ZERO™-last Tuesday
1742018-02-19 @ 235-pounds . . . did I tell you how good I feel ?!!!? I even added Blasher1last Monday
173Oh, okay, I wouldn't want that... LOL!!! GZGROUND ZERO™1February 12
172thanks! . . NO !!!!! I do not want to be skinny .. no way! My wife would probaBlasher-February 12
171Wow, keep it going, I'll have to start calling you skinny!!! I'm very pGROUND ZERO™1February 12
1702018-02-12 @ 238-pounds . . . another 2-pounds .. lovin' it !!! I feel so goBlasher1February 12
169Two pounds is spectacular!!! I'm rooting for you!!! Weight loss humor: OnGROUND ZERO™1February 7
168Sounds good, thanks... just thought to share the idea... GZGROUND ZERO™-February 6
167sounds good . . but bananas are still too high in sugar and starch .. very fatteBlasher-February 6
1662018-02-05 @ 240-pounds . . . well, I forgot about the Super Bowl and accompanyiBlasher2February 6
165If you like having pancakes for breakfast, I came up with a great recipe with noGROUND ZERO™1February 5
164Yeah, once a week makes sense... very understandable to weight every day to seeGROUND ZERO™1January 29
163I will start weighing myself only on Mondays . . but I was doing it every morninBlasher-January 29
162I went for a long time on the routine I posted here, and then after having our fGROUND ZERO™-January 29
161I expect to lose 52 pounds by my birthday .. end of August. That'll be 2-pouBlasher-January 29
160A pound a week is great, that's 52 pounds in one year!!! Keep up the great GROUND ZERO™1January 29
1592018-01-29 @ 242-pounds . . . . OK, remember last week I said I was going full-bBlasher1January 29
1582018-01-22 @ 243-pounds . . . . got going but had a hard time giving up chips. IBlasher1January 25
157Ate salad for dinner. Mostly croutons & tomatoes. Really just one big round GROUND ZERO™1January 18
156We had some very good friends down from Virginia, so all we did was pig out, I wGROUND ZERO™1January 15
1552018-01-15 @ 244-pounds . . . . OK, ready to start! I "rewarded myself&quoBlasher-January 15
154Yes, very serious... I'm sure I lost some weight because I can feel the difGROUND ZERO™1January 12
153WoW! . . you're really serious about this . . LoL! I'm serious, but &quoBlasher1January 12
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