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Second Sight
How Does Argus® II Produce Sight?
In a healthy eye, the photoreceptors (rods and cones) in the retina convert light into tiny electrochemical impulses that are sent through the optic nerve and into the brain, where they are decoded into images. If the photoreceptors no longer function correctly—due to conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa—the first step in this process is disrupted, and the visual system cannot transform light into images.

The Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System ("Argus II") bypasses the damaged photoreceptors altogether. A miniature video camera housed in the patient’s glasses captures a scene. The video is sent to a small patient-worn computer (i.e., the video processing unit – VPU) where it is processed and transformed into instructions that are sent back to the glasses via a cable. These instructions are transmitted wirelessly to an antenna in the implant. The signals are then sent to the electrode array, which emits small pulses of electricity. These pulses bypass the damaged photoreceptors and stimulate the retina’s remaining cells, which transmit the visual information along the optic nerve to the brain, creating the perception of patterns of light. Patients learn to interpret these visual patterns.
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87 He is bullish stocktwits.comJulius Wong-12/10/2017
86And the question (probably unanswerable) is: WHY? EYES + EYESW = 1.75 + .63 = 2Rocky9-12/9/2017
85 <img src=' Wong-12/9/2017
84WOW - big move over last couple days. I am now positive on the last offering - Rocky9-12/4/2017
83 Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee Recommends Public Funding for SecoJulius Wong-11/10/2017
82 Expedited Access Pathway Designation for the Orion Cortical Visual Prosthesis SJulius Wong-11/8/2017
81 Second Sight on go to start study of Orion Cortical Visual Prosthesis The FDA hJulius Wong-11/2/2017
80 Second Sight Receives Full FDA Approval to Begin First Orion Human Clinical StuJulius Wong111/2/2017
79Bullish crossover in MACD and Stochatics. [graphic]hollyhunter-9/25/2017
78 Second Sight perks up on article about Orion implant in MIT journal; shares up Julius Wong-9/18/2017
77Second Sight board member reports 42% stake, shares up 15% Thinly traded nano caJulius Wong-9/11/2017
76 Second Sight Receives Conditional FDA Approval to Begin First Orion Human CliniJulius Wong18/28/2017
75Medicare reimbursement for Second Sight's Argus may drop 19% next year The UJulius Wong-7/14/2017
74 Second Sight Announces Market Entry into South Korea with Two Implants and PerfJulius Wong-7/5/2017
73 Second Sight Announces Expansion of Medicare Coverage for Argus II Retinal ProsJulius Wong17/3/2017
72Pretty wide range for day one for EYESW. Almost no volume though - less than $5Rocky9-3/29/2017
71EYESW starts trading on Wednesday -
70Rights offering - warrants (EYESW) not trading yet. On earnings call they said Rocky9-3/17/2017
69 EYES Form 10-k Wong-3/17/2017
68 RT...eSight visor aids many legally blind people msn.comSavant-2/16/2017
67WOW - I assume the move is related to the rights offering of stock and warrants.Rocky9-2/7/2017
66 Second Sight Announces Positive Reimbursement Renewal Decision in Germany finaJulius Wong-2/2/2017
65 UK Government Announces Funding for Second Sight’s Argus II “Bionic Eye” finanJulius Wong-12/22/2016
64World's first bionic eye to give millions the chance of seeing again: Chip bGlenn Petersen110/31/2016
63 Second Sight’s Orion I Brain Implant Bypasses Visual System to Let Blind See mJulius Wong-10/26/2016
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