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This is a place for those who value TA and want a place to focus on Market Analysis and political debate

The contents of this thread are the personal views and opinions of any and all who post here. It is intended solely for entertainment purposes. It is NOT intended to be trading or investment

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15644Extend chart to 2015 top. Kinda extended cup handle already clear. Needs to get Robohogs-last Wednesday
15643FWIW, if the market can "explode" above the top blue line on my XBI chKirk ©-last Wednesday
15642as long is it is not like the Challenger once the es exceeds 2802 by more that Kirk ©-last Wednesday
15641once the es exceeds 2802 by more that a nanno tick....the market shud explodeda_cheif™2June 12
15640SP 500, Dow, Ndx. Traderscrossovermilano-June 5
15639up 9 handles this early AMda_cheif™1June 4
15638SP500 an Dow. Daily, hourly. Traderscrossover.milano-June 2
15637Message 31639899da_cheif™-June 1
15636lmao,.. this little guy will never grow up to be a beach cop......... 78.medida_cheif™-June 1
15635SP500 and Dow. Hourly, daily, weekly and quarterly. Traderscrossovermilano1May 26
15634Message 31622805da_cheif™2May 22
15633Tell that to the Leftgolfer72-May 22
15632Rose loves Mannie Quinn snortda_cheif™-May 21
15631Door #2: "Or maybe it is the glorification of violence via video games, musTrumptown-May 19
15630A women friend of mine has a practice helping distraught kids... her office is bKirk ©-May 19
15629I think its because the social media tend to present an idealized version of everyanaka-May 19
15628I think it is far simpler than most think. When your parents and teachers rant Kirk ©3May 19
15627Need new mental healthcare tax charged to the Social Media companies like Faceboryanaka-May 19
15626Set up. The hourly and daily. Traderscrossovermilano-May 18
15625I used quotes for effect... I should have said he "created the internet&quoKirk ©1May 18
15624right, before WWW the network was segmented in their application, such as companryanaka1May 17
15623The internet was wonderful before Al Gore "invented it." I remember tKirk ©1May 17
15622Wow you should be given some intellectual property rights to that. when did the ryanaka1May 17
15621Who says you need to go to a far left indoctrination camp to learn to think? Kirk ©1May 17
15620Well, you axed the wrong person: Did we know 40 years ago that the Internet woulKirk ©6May 17
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