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Have you bought a product that you're happy with or regret paying for? Let the rest of the SI community hear about it. Give us a reason and a rating.

Remember that online reviewers on Amazon or other e-commerce websites might be working for the manufacturer/seller, or their rivals might be posting undeserved bad reviews. So, posting a review here can be a service to your friends because it's word of mouth. And, if you're interested in a product, chances are much better you'll get an unbiased opinion from members, especially those you know well.

Suggest you put the product name or category at the head of your post to let readers know what it's about so they can see it in the message preview section of the thread.

Double-check Amazon's reviews at this website that analyzes them for their reliability. Worth the extra step. h/t Shadowman.

Like Michael Conrad's character said in Hill Street Blues, "Let's be careful out there."
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2379A New Threat to Your Finances: Cell-Phone Account Fraud Criminals may be openinStan-June 13
2378I used to wonder about this when I made burgers at home. The One Reason RestauStan2June 9
2377Glad to hear you found a solution. And glad you like the thread too. :)Stan-June 7
2376 Hey Stan...........wanted to report back that the problem with my cordless phonNeeka-June 7
2375 Thanks for the rec Stan. It's a lot more phone than I need, so still lookinNeeka-June 6
2374I've had this for 2 years and it works great.It has the features you want anStan-June 6
2373 Despite reading the manual from cover to cover, we can't seem to figure outNeeka-June 5
2372Makes sense he/they would. It's the old saying, "Money attracts money.&Stan-June 4
2371 If you buy from there he gets a cut of the profit. Thats how YouTubers make exSI Ron (Soup Nazi)-June 4
2370Scotty's Garage on Amazon, products he uses and recommends. amazon.comStan1June 4
2369 Reminds me of a motel room I stayed in one time Send me a hundred thou in unmJoe Btfsplk-June 3
2368 Toyota Corolla is a very good car. In my 21 years of insurance appraising theySI Ron (Soup Nazi)-June 3
2367Mmmmmm,. Red velvet. Reminds me of a motel room I stayed in one time. Alan Smithee-June 3
2366I liked their looks, actually the two-doors as opposed to the four-doors. Too baStan-June 3
2365Brougham come with Corinthian Leather? Too much old makes it hard to remember, Joe Btfsplk-June 3
2364Broughams were classy-looking too I once suspected my Broughm was the only one Joe Btfsplk-June 3
2363While we’re on a Chrysler, let’s not forget the fine Corinthian Leather you coulAlan Smithee-June 3
2362The Broughams were classy-looking too.Stan-June 3
2361 Dodge Darts ...........they just kept on ticking Chrysler's slant six andJoe Btfsplk1June 3
2360Scotty always praises the Corolla, Toyotas in general. Sounds justified with theStan1June 3
2359Scotty Kilmer on why the Toyota Corolla is the best selling car of all time (incAlan Smithee-June 3
2358Figures it would be Vancouver. The RE market there is out of control.Alan Smithee-June 3
2357 Housing prices are extremely expensive there. They always have been.SI Ron (Soup Nazi)-June 2
2356The channel is by a Vancouver home inspector. His other videos are very good.Stan-June 2
2355That’s a $2.4 million home? In what market? Run away!!!Alan Smithee-June 2
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