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The Politics for Conservatives thread is a community of Conservatives. The thread exist to exchange and discuss conservative ideas/practices. This thread does not exist for liberals to come in solely for the purpose of trying to stir the pot. Polite debate may be tolerated for a period, but as you and I both are aware, there is little success in trying to change the other side's mind. Bans aren't automatic though as on some threads.

I ask that post be civil to the posters, attacks from regular members to other members will be met with temporary bans. If you wish to practice ad hominem attacks, there are plenty of threads on SI for that. This isn't one of them.

The Flight 93 Election

Understanding Trumpism:

Trump's Unintended Consequences: The Republican Party Reveals Itself

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102970Or when it’s destroyed by alien invaders. ;)))gtober-9 hours ago
102969There is no better way to make fun of this loony than to just print her actual wDMaA4yesterday
102968Ya know, there are things goin' on in this world............ China vows to DMaA-yesterday
102967My bet is the clock stops working within a century for lack of anyone who cares D. Long1yesterday
102966Jeff Bezos just revealed video of the massive 10,000-year clock being built insiStock Puppy1yesterday
102965I did not know about Congress quietly moving to raise the gas tax .25/gal. TheDMaA1yesterday
102964 New MRC Campaign: Hold Advertisers Accountable for ABC’s Hate [graphic] locogringo-yesterday
102963Massachusetts Students Lead US in Advanced Placement Exams U.S. News & WorldBill-yesterday
102962Hmmm, it's not April 1. Fake news? Bezos finally gone crazy as a soup sandDMaA-yesterday
102961Mueller knows the minute he indicts a Democrat, he is finished in the media. AndBill-yesterday
102960McClatchy - Rand Paul bids to mold the GOP in his image Big deal! Who isn'DMaA-yesterday
102959[tweet]Tom Clarke-yesterday
102958from the tweeter formerly known as Imperator Rex [tweet] threadreaderapp.comTom Clarke4Tuesday
102957I'm waiting for someone to criticize the NCAA for not understanding black cuDMaA1Tuesday
102956I'd be a real boob to think otherwise.Thehammer3Tuesday
102955 Does abreast have value?unclewest-Tuesday
102954 Okay, I retire! You have me beat by a country mile! Even a broken clock is Thehammer-Tuesday
102953I see what you did there. - and without a slo-mo instant replay also!Stock Puppy1Tuesday
102952That being said, I imagine that the broadcaster was just trying to keep viewers Stock Puppy-Tuesday
102951Establishment Right-Wingers in Meltdown over Marion Le Pen Invite to CPAC by CHRTom Clarke-Tuesday
102950I see what you did there.D. Long1Tuesday
102949Like the hockey players used to be except for Massachusetts. It seems to be growThehammer-Tuesday
102948Lot of the curlers are from Duluth. All the curlers are either from Mn or Ws.DMaA-Tuesday
102947 Dumbest question of the year so far: Why did Olympic broadcaster show replay oThehammer13Tuesday
102946Dumbest question of the year so far: Why did Olympic broadcaster show replay ofDMaA-Tuesday
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