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The Politics for Conservatives thread is a community of Conservatives. The thread exist to exchange and discuss conservative ideas/practices. This thread does not exist for liberals to come in solely for the purpose of trying to stir the pot. Polite debate may be tolerated for a period, but as you and I both are aware, there is little success in trying to change the other side's mind. Bans aren't automatic though as on some threads.

I ask that post be civil to the posters, attacks from regular members to other members will be met with temporary bans. If you wish to practice ad hominem attacks, there are plenty of threads on SI for that. This isn't one of them.

The Flight 93 Election

Understanding Trumpism:

Trump's Unintended Consequences: The Republican Party Reveals Itself

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101444 But what of the dog? It can eat the well fed cats.sm1th15 hours ago
101443 If I was the first one through the door I'd think - My gosh did I screw up.sm1th15 hours ago
101442but no cigarThehammer18 hours ago
101441FB quote of the day: Watching Hollywood, politicians, and the media implode is Stock Puppy-yesterday
101440He was fueling it with hydrogen peroxide. Last I heard he got a girlfriend and tStock Puppy-yesterday
101439Probably only t**s.DMaA1yesterday
101438Leave out enough food for his four cats — just in case anything happens. SoundsStock Puppy-yesterday
101437I memorized the 7 words you can't say on TV. Tranny is not one of them. HoStock Puppy-yesterday
101436NFL Stadiums are a great deal for taxpayers. The 25 year old Georgia Dome: [yoDMaA-yesterday
101435There was a guy back in the late 90's, early 2000's who was building a sD. Long-yesterday
101434This is pretty funny. I like this guy: The countdown to launch creDMaA-yesterday
101433Ya know he's a "Star" reporter because he's wearing a fedora. DMaA1yesterday
101432I'd be proud to be the last one on the plane. British Airways passengers tDMaA2yesterday
101431Trump has embarrassing ties to Epstein.DMaA-yesterday
101430Now more women have come forward about Bill Clinton from the early aughts. WhenD. Long4yesterday
101429Sen. Stuart Smalley has more problems. A 33 year old woman has come forward saAlan Smithee2yesterday
101428The university official kept changing her story. Textbook arbitrary decision baD. Long-yesterday
101427Anywhere else we could overlook it but not at the Minnesota State Fair. Not surDMaA-yesterday
101426He's finished. huffingtonpost.comBill-yesterday
101425Anyone remember Wilber Mills? Drunk, fat old Wilber and Fanny Fox cavorting in DMaA1yesterday
101424To emphasize the moral superiority of her position she brought a cop with.DMaA-yesterday
101423I memorized the 7 words you can't say on TV. Tranny is not one of them.DMaA3yesterday
101422[youtube video]ig1yesterday
101421When we were kids working on cars, swapping out parts, we'd call changing a Tom Clarke3yesterday
101420Made me think of this: In Franken's defense, "Let he who is without sStock Puppy-yesterday
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