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Facebook went public on May 18, 2012 at $39, which valued the company at $104 billion, the largest valuation to date for a newly public company.

I have created this board for the purpose of discussing Facebook’s stock price, financial prospects and actual results, the merits of its business model, the Facebook experience and social networking websites in general (a subject of particular interest to me). It is neither a Bulls nor a Bears board and all opinions are welcome. Hopefully, we can avoid the “to the moon” and “Facebook sucks” commentary.

The board is moderated and my expectation is that everyone will be civil to one another. Pretend that your mother is reading the board and that she knows your virtual handle. No name calling and please avoid engaging in political commentary unless it has a specific bearing on Facebook.

I will not allow this board to be politicized. I realize that Facebook exists in a political environment and that activity on its platform does influence both elections and legislative agendas. The company itself promotes its own political agenda in an effort to shape governmental policies that affect its business and economic prospects. It is an international company and occasionally adjusts its policies and practices in other countries to meet the political requirements of the country in which it is operating. Sometimes these “adjustments” may offend the sensibilities of those of us who are used to living in a free and open society. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life. Facebook is going to censor political posts that are overly aggressive and suspend accounts that were created for the specific purpose of disseminating information that is inaccurate. This is another fact of life. Facebook has the right operate as it wishes and to suspend the accounts of those individuals that have violated its Terms of Use. That is another fact of life. If Facebook’s practices and policies are unacceptable to its users, market forces will kick in and Facebook will lose both users and revenue. That is another fact of life.

As far as I am concerned, you are free to comment on and discus the above topics, as long as it is done in a civil and respectful manner. However, I would appreciate it if you could provide some context for your commentary.

Please avoid political posts that are short bursts of advocacy and unsupported by context. I want all of the participants (both active and lurking) to feel comfortable her and I am not going to let this board degenerate into a spitting match. There are other boards for those comments.

While I do not normally like to “moderate” my boards, I will ban people if I feel that it is warranted. Depending on the nature of the infraction and whether or not it is a serial event, the bans may be temporary or permanent. You are free to appeal your ban with a PM to me. I never put anyone on Ignore.

The Facebook IPO was an iconic event, and whether or not the company prospers in the long run or crashes in flames, the ride should be interesting

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