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Many SI members have real estate investments, but there is very little discussion on SI about them. Perhaps this is because each real estate investment is as unique as each location, and we are spread across the continent and beyond. Still, the ability to compare investment parameters and thoughts could be very informative and useful.

For example, I have a few investments in office properties in Portland, Oregon, but are there better opportunities elsewhere? I often see John Vosilla writing about extraordinary returns possible in residential investments in Florida. I’d like to know more about those.

Other real estate forums on SI have devolved into trading, gold and lots of politics. I’d like to focus on specific investment opportunities. and real world considerations such as real estate taxes and finance. Forget the what should be, let’s focus on what is.

I’m hoping a lasting panel of experienced real estate investors will find a home here. We can learn from one another. I’ve yet to make a major capital decision in real estate that didn’t require a complex weighing of pluses and minuses. It’s never a 100% sure thing, and unlike in stocks, you are stuck with the decision for a while. Bouncing thoughts off others would be great when facing a major decision. Less experienced people can also benefit from advice and perspective on investments they are considering.

So, please join in. Do you own investment real estate? Where? How many square feet, what’s the rent/sf, what’s the NOI, how’s the occupancy experience been. Want to post a photograph? What’s the ownership structure? Have you sought financing lately? Have you struggled with vacancy?

I’m sure we will veer into some macro-economics and even some politics, but any such discussion much relate directly to real estate investing and be of some practical use. Plenty of other places to discuss politics and economics.

I hope you will join in.
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