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We all know Apple products are much easier to use than their competitors products. Still, with desktop computers, notebook computers, iPods, iPads, iPhones, apps, iTunes, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and various flavors of Mac OS X and other software, most mortals can get stuck.

This thread is intended as a place where folks can post their questions and the friendly Apple user community can help them out. From simple questions to complex. It is also OK to ask general troubleshooting questions, post news or give tips about Apple products and their usage. Hopefully some experts will SubjectMark this thread and visit occasionally with their advice. Thanks in advance, experts.

For those needing help with PC and Windows products, please check out the excellent Computer Learning thread, moderated by goldworldnet.

When asking for help, please be sure to do a basic search with your favorite search engine first. If you still need help, please include pertinent details about the product(s) as necessary, such as brand, model number(s), things you've already tried, etc. This will greatly assist us in helping you. Thank you.

If you would like to give Apple feedback about their products (usability issues, make suggestions, etc.), here is the place to do that:

To report bugs in Apple products, go here:

If someone in the thread has helped you solve a problem, please consider recommending their post or commenting directly to them. This adds to the goodwill in Apple Product Help and gives people incentive to continue to help you and others.


The basic rule is that all participants must be polite to each other. Try to imagine that you are sitting in a living room with everyone else. Don't say anything you wouldn't say in that situation.

No name calling. Disagree with another person's words all you want, but don't insult the person.

Please use proper punctuation and capitalization in your posts, don't use "text speak." It is OK not to capitalize every letter in words for things like brand or model names, eg., "iphone" will be considered the same as "iPhone" here. Basically, please just show some respect for the English language in this forum. Thank you.

Due to SI policy, political comments are off limits here, unless there is an issue that specifically affects Apple. There are many threads on SI in which to discuss politics, this will not be one of them.

Under no circumstances is anyone to post information to circumvent copy protection of copyrighted materials. This includes commercial music files, software, serial numbers, or anything of the kind.

It's all about having a civil discussion. And hey, let's be careful out there.

You've now read the rules. If you want to know what happens if you violate them, see below.


Violators of the rules will usually receive a warning, and a second offense will probably result in a ban. In the case of especially egregious violations, a ban may come without warning.

When warranted, a ban may be imposed for being a general nuisance and/or generally disrupting civil discourse.
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4718I was just watching a poll on TV the other night about cars. Seems they are lessDoren-Sunday
4717Mercedes only offers CarPlay on the GLA and GLE models I have a GLC as well and clean86-last Saturday
4716 funny, went on a road trip with my new GLC 350 Mercedes and my phone locked up engineer-last Friday
4715Funny, geek humor right on the mark. I guess I'm not alone. Is there a datiDoren1last Friday
4714Major new iOS bug can crash iPhones and disable access to apps and iMessages AJ.F. Sebastian-last Friday
4713Just for you, on Valentine's Day... [graphic]J.F. Sebastian4February 14
4712I agree. I have 2 clones and one Time Machine disks. I leapfrog the clones everyDoren-February 13
4711The problem with that is if the drive crashes or has mechanical problems, you wiJ.F. Sebastian4February 12
4710I think you can partition your external, use the larger partition for time machiDoren-February 12
4709Thanks J.F. I think that I will go with the G-Technology drive and I may get a Vendit™-February 12
4708That dock looks like a nice peripheral for a desktop. I’m wanting to backup a lVendit™1February 12
4707Thank you for your feedback. ReidVendit™-February 12
4706Yes, the G-Technology drives are very good. That would be a great drive for a TiJ.F. Sebastian4February 12
4705Depending on what you do with your computer you might consider one of these: NeDoren2February 12
4704Yes these are very good external drives and basically the main vendor that I purclean861February 12
4703Does this look like I am on the right track? G-Technology 1TB G-DRIVE USB 3.0 Vendit™-February 12
4702HerbVic is spot on with his advice. No need to have a SSD for backup. The only aJ.F. Sebastian2February 12
4701Thanks HerbVic. My MacBook has two USB 3-C ports. And yes, I agree with you thaVendit™1February 11
4700Vendit, I'm not familiar with the interfaces on your MacBook, but I assume yHerbVic2February 11
4699I wanted to thank you and others here for helping me make a buying decision concVendit™-February 11
4698He he. I hadn't though about that. Something to think about for sure. Doren-February 5
4697Stopped using Macupdate for anything a couple years ago and now really glad I onclean861February 5
4696In a previous post from 2015, I warned against using MacUpdate for your softwareJ.F. Sebastian-February 5
4695From Malwarebytes blog: New Mac cryptominer distributed via a MacUpdate hack EJ.F. Sebastian1February 5
4694 iPhone 7 Repair Program for "No Service" Issues is Apple's respJ.F. Sebastian-February 5
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