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A place to share info and have discussion, mostly on dividend stocks, but including ETFs, CEFs, mutual funds, and other income producing investments. The overall goal being to build a growing income stream, portfolio growth being secondary. With an abundance of very intelligent and experienced posters, and no real functioning retirement board on SI, imho a good place for any retirement questions or concerns.

My personal favorite book to give any young person. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

Two thread favorite reads:

The Single Best Investment: Creating Wealth with Dividend Growth by Lowell Miller

2006 Edition available as a free PDF online. Introduction and first 46 pages required reading imho.

The Ultimate Dividend Playbook: Income, Insight and Independence for Today's Investor by Josh Peters

Descriptions of Achievers, Aristocrats, and Champions:

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Printable list here:

Here's a handy website (courtesy of another board). The home page gives dividends, total return, dividend growth rate for various time periods and the like for any stock going back as far as 1970.

There's also a drop down menu ( top right ) where you can pull up inflation rate, S&P earnings and the like since 1960.

This site will give you a the 3 and 5 year dividend growth.

Dividend Safety Scores:

Another helpful site:

A few more some could find handy:

Stock screener:
All things closed end funds:
Dividend news:
Preferred stocks and baby bonds:

I am going to track my IRA here and update it monthly. Anyone who would like to do the same, I will link to the header. Real world always being better than hypothetical.

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You can start at the beginning and follow over time by reading replies:

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27520Thx... there's a TSA in one of the towns not far south of here... would haveJimisJim-8 AM
27519Thx! /eomJimisJim-8 AM
27518Unless you're going into the firewood business(g), no sense in overkill. YouDitchdigger-4 AM
27517<i>Anyone buying anything?</i> Bought CMP this week after reading DaYooper-yesterday
27516 Copy that!!! Tomorrow I start looking into a powered splitter of some sort thatrobert a belfer-yesterday
27515Thx for the kind words, deno... took me awhile to figure out the best "courJimisJim-yesterday
27514Copy that!!! Tomorrow I start looking into a powered splitter of some sort that JimisJim-yesterday
27513OT: when my parents were still using the cottage about 10 or so years ago, they JimisJim1yesterday
27512Anyone buying anything? Watch list stocks? Not in any meaningful way. I am shoThehammer-yesterday
27511Congrats!! You have navagated a treacherous passage without slamming into a reedeeno-yesterday
27510Template to share In the sheet I referenced, the columns are those from Simply rnsmth-yesterday
27509Sometimes you're better off taking the splitter to the wood and not the woodDitchdigger2yesterday
27508Splitting I have split a bunch of maple with similar equipment - wedges and slernsmth-yesterday
27507I've got truck and winch, but not really an option in this situation... as fJimisJim-yesterday
27506"no way to get any vehicles close to the trees in question unless physicallThe Alchemist-yesterday
27505Personally, now that I'm in partial distribution phase, I'm gradually shJimisJim-yesterday
27504Rn- Very cool. I run excel sheets and may overdo it myself at times. Is your The Alchemist-yesterday
27503Wood splitter? I should look into that... I have about twelve 30-100 year old beJimisJim1yesterday
27502Now that I have moved my SSD portfolio analyzer data into my spreadsheet (OpenOfrnsmth2yesterday
27501Sounds like your wife is catching her stride. My opinion is whatever makes one cDitchdigger-yesterday
27500IRM is near the top of my watch list for either me or my wife, or both... /eomJimisJim-yesterday
27499Still deploying iWife's cash horde in IRAs... process about 60% complete... JimisJim-yesterday
27498I added STOR this week. Thinking that the market has been overly negative on rMannie1yesterday
27497Anyone buying anything? Watch list stocks? I've started a position in XLF. MDitchdigger-yesterday
27496New Residential Increases Second Quarter Dividend to $0.50 Per Common Share Wed Mannie-Wednesday
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