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Are you a republican? DO NOT POST HERE. Do you hate liberals? Love to call liberals names? DO NOT POST HERE. Do you hate Epicure? Love to call her names? DO NOT POST HERE. Under our constitution, you probably have every right to be an asshole- but not here. I will ban you. I would prefer to have you go do your hateful business elsewhere, but if you do it here, you WILL be banned. Do you have this thread bookmarked, because you just hate liberals so much you've got to read everything they say? I'd suggest you unbookmark. Get another hobby- or hate some liberals who want to waste time with you. We can't be bothered. Somewhere, there are liberals who will waste their lives on you- go find them, and argue until you drop dead, because dead we will all be some day. And look at you! You will have wasted your time with people you hated. Good for you, little wingnut, good for you. That is what I would wish for you. Now go forth and hate, but not here.

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364052This is a very sad story for Dallas. It is the end of Mark Cuban's presidenfreelyhovering2 hours ago
364051[tweet]M. Murray6 hours ago
364050[tweet]Sultan6 hours ago
364049[graphic]M. Murray7 hours ago
364048Reminds me of another winner from a few campaigns back - Sarah Palin.... [graphJohn Koligman8 hours ago
364047It's bad enough that the stupid idiot needs a cheat sheet so he can rememberM. Murray8 hours ago
364046And it appears to be in a woman's handwriting... lol. Pinned on his shirt lcosmicforce8 hours ago
364045What a pathetic, insensitive moron!!! [tweet]M. Murray8 hours ago
364044[graphic]M. Murray8 hours ago
364043lol- that sounds great. That's what I do now- courtesy of Ambien. But thepicureyesterday
364042As an added bonus, if the flight goes down in a ball of flames due to some unforAlex MGyesterday
364041I can see it now: Containerized Airlines announces the Sleep Perchance to Dreacosmicforceyesterday
364040Come fly the friendly skies of Fed Ex human Express For an extra fee will will Alex MGyesterday
364039So someone who is afraid of flying in this configuration is a [wait for it ...] cosmicforceyesterday
364038Brilliant! I'm sure Fred will love it!Samyesterday
364037Very simple solution to airplane hijackings And it boosts profits and makes a fAlex MGyesterday
364036Its all about abortion for them. Well, and mouthing some support for "tradiSamyesterday
364035'I Pray for Him Daily.' Why Socially Conservative Women Stand by Trump TAsymmetricyesterday
364034[graphic]M. Murrayyesterday
364033Elisabeth Bumiller of the NYT said this morning on MJ that we know "nothingSamyesterday
364032Just when you think the far right can't be any more dickish (or is it the faepicureyesterday
364030Or in a cage fight :-)epicureyesterday
364029There are plenty of well educated twits who celebrate Comrade Trump's ascendepicureyesterday
364028Not a fan of brass as almost all of it has Pb and other high vapor pressure metacosmicforceyesterday
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