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We are looking for a few good people to identify their own skillsets as investors and provide us with the results of their in depth research. By dividing the labors and reporting what we find here we can see much more than we could as individual investors.

We need to collaborate.

Effective collaboration implies a division of labor wherein each person contributes according to his time availability and skillset. Some are good at TA. Others at FA. Some have deep industry experience; others have deep experience in stocks, options, economics, etc.

Lets work hard as a team to help find opportunities and avoid risk.

If we can effectively cooperate in a friendly, open and intelligent manner, then we increase our chances of obtaining better market returns.

What are your skillsets? What form of research would you like to share here? Lets get a task assigned and you can report what you find here.

Here are some charts that may be of value.

Go long when the market breadth charts (check for moving averages) cross below the green lines and the market and sector charts begin to show positive divergences. Consider selling when the market breadth charts are above the red lines and negative divergences show up:

Sector Rotation on Monthly Charts throughout economic cycles based on Fidelity's Chart Expected Rotation:

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5309UFPI comes off Reversal Watch. Looks like it turned up when Harvey hit and hasnThe Ox-last Friday
5308APC comes off reversal watch - charts in linked post [Portfolio]The Ox1last Thursday
5307Looking at the recent patterns in VXX, a more prolonged down move might be in thThe Ox-September 16
5306Message 31265684 The Massive Impact of EVs on Commodities in One Chart JEFF DEThe Ox-September 16
5305VXX likely to see a new low between $39 and $42 during this move. We've reaThe Ox-September 13
5304Thank you for bringing AMRS to our attention. Fantastic short term move! [gThe Ox-September 13
5303ESV comes off reversal watchThe Ox-September 13
5302LXU comes off reversal watchThe Ox-September 12
5301 So is this a 5th wave up or a new wave 1? Looks like the gap close on the 21stThe Ox-September 11
5300Hi OX, Fair enough. Bobrobert b furman-September 11
5299Here's where we totally disagree, Bob. This is a mistake made by well intenThe Ox-September 11
5298Vast government over reach into one's rights! Looks like another governmentrobert b furman-September 11
5297TEVA comes off reversal watch list [Portfolio]The Ox1September 11
5296OT (I guess) ...WOW, is all I can say... In a recent missive to a Vancouver faThe Ox-September 8
5295DB goes on reversal watch list [graphic] [graphic] [graphic]The Ox1September 8
5294FNSR goes back on reversal watch, charts here: Message 31104622 Earnings: finaThe Ox2September 8
5293ACET goes back on reversal watch, the charts are in the linked post and thereThe Ox1September 7
5292AMRS comes off reversal watch list.... it's not updating properly....oh welThe Ox1September 7
5291 Message 31251457 The S&P 500 continues to be driven by the FAANMG stocks (The Ox2September 7
5290Airlines [graphic] [graphic] [graphic] [graphic] [graphic] [graphic] [graphic]The Ox2September 7
5289SPY (and 2 long term SPX charts) in multiple time frames, these should keep updaThe Ox-September 6 A critical Apache Struts security flaw makes it 'easy' to haThe Ox-September 6 Hack attack on energy companies raises sabotage fears Phishing, wateThe Ox-September 6
5286RIG comes off reversal watch [Portfolio]The Ox1September 5
5285JinkoSolar Partners with Enphase Energy to Create Plug and Play AC Module SHANGSultan2September 5
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