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This is the place for the annual SI NFL Football picks. All are welcome to join. This is purely in fun and each season we have a great time, so we hope to see you here come September!

NFL Schedule-

For point spreads-

Since the Oregon Lottery quit point spreads, what we are using has some whole numbers. Add .5 to the number so we don't have to worry about ties.

Here are the rules:

1. Picks will include the Thursday games, 2 weekend games, Sunday night game, and Monday night game.

2. For the Thursday game only, the default is the HOME team if you fail to pick.

2. Picks must be in one (1) hour before game time.

3. Eliminate the prohibition against picking the same team 2 weeks in a row. HOWEVER, if the same team gets picked 3 games in a row, this rule will be reevaluated. We realize this may have to go out the window as we near season's end.

4. If you cannot be here to make your picks, please enlist a buddy to make the picks for you. The suggestion to create an U/F/H/A is too complicated. Personal responsibility, everyone!

5. Rudi and I make the rules. No arguments.

6. No political discussions are allowed. There are other threads for that.

7. Break the rules and you will be banned for the season.


9. We normally pick a game from each conference. In cross-conference games, the home team determines the conference.

You don't get your pick in you don't get credit for a win. It's a game, sports fans. No money involved.

OUR SI NFL Hall of Fame, courtesy of richardred. Let us all thank him!

SI The new NFL Complete Winners Circle

After years of procrastination , I've finally completed a SI The new NFL past winners board. Going back to 2002 I think the inception of the yearly NFL picking contest. I've included hyperlinks to the wining post. Wins were for the regular season. If I made some mistakes drop me a PM. I'm submitting this to Carolyn for insertion into the header. If anybody else want to be ambitious and add anything pertinent. Such as including best winning % . By all means, do so.and resubmit to Carolyn.

SI The new NFL Complete Winners Circle
2016 - Buckey - again! Congratulations!
2015 - Buckey
2014 - Fuzzy - Message 29872291
2013 - SE - Message 29303852
2012-Buckey- Message 28635638
2011-Richardred in tie breaker Message 27856019
2010-Bob Newton- Message 27066154
2009-Jeff- Message 26217112
2008-Carolyn in tie breaker Message 25283049
2007-Jake Straw Message 24171632
2006-Gloop Message 23143162
2005-Bob Newton Message 22020970
2004-Richardred in tie breaker Message 20932353
2003- Glen Message 19634865

P.S. Season 2012 included Thursday night games. Previous seasons were mostly 2 games a week with some special games included.
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50055I know that but it is still part of the US. I think after that it will go north.Carolyn-3 minutes ago
50054lol sounds like IllinoisAugustus Gloop-an hour ago
50053Puerto Rico is not a state. They only wanted to be after they went broke.Bonefish1an hour ago
50052Maria Puerto Rico nextCarolyn-an hour ago
50051What massive hurricane is about to hit the US?Bonefish-an hour ago
50050Loosin' the law Loosin' the lawCarolyn-2 hours ago
50049Breakin' the law Breakin' the law lolAugustus Gloop-3 hours ago
50048That's because you insulted Patriots fans.Bill-3 hours ago
50047I saw that. Certainly a lot of geologic activity going on.Carolyn-3 hours ago
50046OK, thanks. And speaking of Mexico, once again, they just got a massive earthqJeffrey S. Mitchell-3 hours ago
50045It is fine. I think each person whose turn it is can make the call - but no moreCarolyn-3 hours ago
50044Speaking of rules, I was trying to follow the rule of picking four teams that haJeffrey S. Mitchell-3 hours ago
50043Who's playing in Mexico this year? I know Oakland is one of them. The other Jeffrey S. Mitchell-3 hours ago
50042I don't know how to pick that game.......I think I'll cover my bases andAugustus Gloop-3 hours ago
50041I'm glad to see that you took the Browns/Colts game as one of your choices. EL KABONG!!!-4 hours ago
50040Glenn, steve harris was left out when Jeff transferred him back to #12. His pickCarolyn-4 hours ago
50039Only Carolyn can cheat....errrr...adjust the rulesAugustus Gloop-4 hours ago
50038Opening Night there are two Monday games and Thanksgiving there are three ThursdBill-4 hours ago
50037I thought we always picked the rogue games, e.g. Thurs/Sun/Mon night, ThanksgiviJeffrey S. Mitchell-5 hours ago
50036so whatBill-5 hours ago
50035Because there's a game in London this weekend. - JeffJeffrey S. Mitchell-5 hours ago
50034Why are there six games? I thought we are doing five. "1. Picks will incluBill-5 hours ago
50033 SI Annual Pigskin Classic 2017 - Week 3 Date and Time Favorite Spread UndeJeffrey S. Mitchell-5 hours ago
50032NFL Point Spreads For Week 3 - Week Three NFL Football Point Spread - NFL SpreaGlenn Petersen-6 AM
50031 SI Annual Pigskin Classic 2017 - Week 2 - Final Results Please check your scorGlenn Petersen-6 AM
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