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Overarching Purpose: this thread shall try best to create the easy ambiance of an internet cafe situated in a politically-practical and gentrified neighbourhood where folks hang out 24-7-365 to ponder the process of collapse, have a cup, share a meal, tap on computers, and generally have a good time while fully cognisant that none shall get out of the future alive.

Any threader behaviour detrimental to thread purpose shall be mercilessly stumped on, per simple rules promulgated here by universal acclamation.

Additional but very simple rules Message 31020283 re discussion of politics

By universal suffrage one person one vote, the thread elected to change name from "The Financial Collapse of 2001" to current name as at 2017 03 08.

For issues not covered by above rules, I encourage you to use the 'Ignore' function.

Bottom line, whatever needs doing to try to deliver on Overarching Purpose may be tried without warning.

Cheers, tobagojack

Thread chant:
Chaos is gift
Crisis a partner
Volatility friend
Lonely path right way
Survive to survive another day

Thread lounge music: by leonard cohen

Thread song: by pharrell williams

Thread scripture: “Fiat Money Inflation in France” by Andrew Dickson White

Thread understanding of history(ies):
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136222WWII was a turning point for the U.S. and its allies which engaged in massive bostsimon-6 hours ago
136221In the United States, the move from the draft to the all volunteer military has stsimon-6 hours ago
136220re <<Kim the Fatter ... USA ... China ... Big Don ... national security ..TobagoJack-yesterday
136219governments are the same irrespective of how put together best that the governmTobagoJack1yesterday
136218re <<I think we'll need to depend on the PLA to invade North Korea. BeTobagoJack-yesterday
136217either history doesn't matter and olive men meme is valid, or that history eTobagoJack-yesterday
136216Re <<soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...............NORTH KOREA..............TobagoJack-yesterday
136215Poster named Stan put this up today. Message 31314278 If I put a drug in an unalanrs-yesterday
136214Another "wonderful benefit" of the overwhelming influence of liberal/Dbart13-yesterday
136213There is no restriction nor barrier to entry on creating a billion crypotos.... Pogeu Mahone-yesterday
136212 Tax Payers paying for this Chit-UFB- Were are the adults in Charge? Fire them Pogeu Mahone-yesterday
136211Does The Gambino Crime family run Wells-Fargo?-NFG- ============================Pogeu Mahone-yesterday
136210"and all state-buyers so as to provide defensive security against infringempak731yesterday
136209re <<Brazil is a food exporter>> am wondering how soon brazil wouldTobagoJack-yesterday
136208re <<The US and Chinese militaries are starting to test swarming drones>TobagoJack-yesterday
136207re <<Food is important: Sukhois for palm oil: Russia and Indonesia announTobagoJack-yesterday
136206Food is important: Sukhois for palm oil: Russia and Indonesia announce new bartelmatador-yesterday
136205once china starts exporting energy to brazil i expect the trade equation to chanTobagoJack-yesterday
136204John I think you are a robot powered by AI! :-) Check the trucks and transport elmatador-yesterday
136203i have pointed out to the doc that he forgot to mention that the world would argTobagoJack-yesterday
136202drone swarm definitely a go-er, and as to <<The US, which outspenTobagoJack-yesterday
136201re <<ANT and I have kept an eye on China food because Brazil is a food expTobagoJack-yesterday
136200John Murphy has some good analysis today... BOND YIELDS GAP HIGHER AND NEAR UPSJohn P-yesterday
136199 ANT and I have kept an eye on China food because Brazil is a food exporter. Eveelmatador1yesterday
136198China’s Epic Race to Avoid a Food Crisis Any leader who does not elmatador-yesterday
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