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Overarching Purpose: this thread shall try best to create the easy ambiance of an internet cafe situated in a politically-practical and gentrified neighbourhood where folks hang out 24-7-365 to ponder the process of collapse, have a cup, share a meal, tap on computers, and generally have a good time while fully cognisant that none shall get out of the future alive.

Any threader behaviour detrimental to thread purpose shall be mercilessly stumped on, per simple rules promulgated here by universal acclamation.

Additional but very simple rules Message 31020283 re discussion of politics

By universal suffrage one person one vote, the thread elected to change name from "The Financial Collapse of 2001" to current name as at 2017 03 08.

For issues not covered by above rules, I encourage you to use the 'Ignore' function.

Bottom line, whatever needs doing to try to deliver on Overarching Purpose may be tried without warning.

Cheers, tobagojack

Thread chant:
Chaos is gift
Crisis a partner
Volatility friend
Lonely path right way
Survive to survive another day

Thread lounge music: by leonard cohen

Thread song: by pharrell williams

Thread scripture: “Fiat Money Inflation in France” by Andrew Dickson White

Thread understanding of history(ies):
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135145Of course immigration increase GDP but poorly selected immigrants decrease per cTHE ANT-an hour ago
135144Atlanta Fed Estimates U.S. Third-Quarter GDP Growing at 4.0 percent… Posted on Sdgla26 hours ago
135143Steve Bannon declared Donald Trump's presidency "over" as the puppElroy Jetson-9 hours ago
135142Maurice, I suspect you're the original "grumpy old man". The funnElroy Jetson-yesterday
135141That will be the Never Trumpers and "Resist" Deep Statists. Ignore thMaurice Winn-yesterday
135140It'd be about as likely as a PowerBall win.bart13-yesterday
135139When watching and preparing a brief it is always good to listen to those that arSdgla-yesterday
135138Well, Well, Well – President Trump Flips Bannon The Zippo?… Posted on August 18Sdgla-yesterday
135137Is Trump better off with Bannon someplace else? Hard to say, but Bannon won'Elroy Jetson-yesterday
135136a case can be made that bannon is more effective by and for trump away from trumTobagoJack5yesterday
135135Steve Bannon was a big box of nothing. Bannon is a filthy-mouthed whore who gavElroy Jetson-yesterday
135134Why Bannon Lost and the Globalists Won - He talked a big game. But he got outmanSnowshoe-yesterday
135133re <<People are beginning to assess the odds of civil war here ...>>TobagoJack-yesterday
135132You and yours as well. I believe the left is going to regret having Bannon on tSdgla-yesterday
135131watch & brief stuff, per imperatives leading to solutions ChinTobagoJack-yesterday
135130 There's a lot of nut cases in "Cracker-Barrel states". Elroy, Gemlaoshi2yesterday
135129be well, cheers, tjTobagoJack-yesterday
135128Clearly I lost...consider this posting my concession speech. Cheers, sdg Sdgla-yesterday
135127re <<I even think it will have to get really bad before Ivanka and her husTobagoJack-yesterday
135126as a gentleman, i allow you to change your wager, else you lost am not making TobagoJack-yesterday
135125had you figured trump would get the boot before bannon, you lost am not making TobagoJack1yesterday
135124it would seem the china show is on, at least a bit bannon on china SteTobagoJack-yesterday
135123"Art of the Deal" author Tony Schartz believes Trump will "resignElroy Jetson-yesterday
135122Doubt you get an answer from the goebbels bot. Distract and fabricate is sop.Sdgla-yesterday
135121Steve Bannon resigned from the White House last Monday, August 14, according toElroy Jetson-yesterday
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