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Hepatitis is a worldwide epidemic, and a lot of companies are working on better treatments.

This is the most helpful link I've found for an overview for the U.S. (in case it expires, I've taken the liberty of excerpting a bit):

>>Chronic Viral Hepatitis in the United States

Norah Terrault, MD, MPH
University of California

San Francisco, California

Key Concepts:

- Chronic liver disease, including cirrhosis, represents the 10th most common cause of death in the U.S. Viral hepatitis is the commonest cause of chronic liver disease with an estimated 1.25 million, 2.7 million and 70,000 individuals with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV) and hepatitis D virus (HDV) infection, respectively.

- In the U.S., the prevalence of markers of past or chronic HBV infection is low until age 12, increasing thereafter, and is similar among males and females. The factors associated with chronic HBV infection are ethnicity (highest in non-Hispanic blacks), number of sexual partners, marital status, foreign birth, level of education, and illicit drug use.

- In the U.S., chronic HCV infection is more common in males than females and the peak prevalence is in those aged 30-39 years. HCV alone or in combination with alcohol accounts for about (60% of newly diagnosed cases of chronic liver disease.

- The prevalence of HDV in the U.S. is low. The groups with the highest prevalence of infection are injection drug users and multiply-transfused individuals (e.g. hemophiliacs).

- The risk factors for acquisition of HBV, HCV and HDV are well-established. Understanding the modes of transmission is critical in designing prevention strategies to reduce the burden of chronic liver disease.

- The geographical distribution of viral genotypes of HBV, HCV and HDV are known. Correlations between specific viral genotypes and clinical outcomes, such as disease severity and response to anti-viral treatments, are under study.<<

For the international scene check



Some other helpful links:

Monty's Page of HCV Drugs in Development

American Association for the Study of Liver Disease (you'll have to subscribe for much useful stuff, but there are a few freebies)

Hepatitis Information Network (HepNet):

CDC's Hepatitis Page:

University of Washington's Hepatitis Web Study Pages (starting at Hep C, with links to others:

This is my contribution so far to the idea of launching threads specific to indications and their markets and companies. You're welcome. Have at it!
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290(ACHN/Medivir)—JNJ throws in the towel on HCV: investorshub.advfn.comDewDiligence_on_SI-9/11/2017
289FDA approves ABBV/ENTA’s Mavyret (G/P)—8-week treatment for all HCV genotypes: sDewDiligence_on_SI-8/3/2017
288ICPT data from 'CONTROL' study with Lipitor not especially impressive, IDewDiligence_on_SI-7/31/2017
287Looks like an even match, IMO. Good situation for third-party payers and ex-US gDewDiligence_on_SI-7/28/2017
286So, Vosevi still have slight/small advantage over Maviret. But, as I mentioned oMiljenko Zuanic-7/28/2017
285European Commission approves GILD’s Vosevi and ABBV/ENTA’s Maviret, direct compeDewDiligence_on_SI-7/28/2017
284ABBV/ENTA’s G/P receives early-access approval in UK for hard-to-treat patients:DewDiligence_on_SI-5/11/2017
283JNJ/ACHN's 3-DAA regimen has a problem: siliconinvestor.comDewDiligence_on_SI-4/22/2017
282MRK’s 3-DAA HCV regimen fails to impress (IMO): siliconinvestor.comDewDiligence_on_SI-11/13/2016
281HCV DAAs can reactivate (latent) HBV, says FDA: fda.govDewDiligence_on_SI-10/4/2016
280C&EN NASH article: ENTA-related excerpts from same article: silDewDiligence_on_SI-10/3/2016
279FDA approves MRK’s HCV combo with recommended RAV screening for GT1a patients: DewDiligence_on_SI-1/28/2016
278BMY plans to test anti-PD-L1 drug in HBV. (Source: BofA webcast.)DewDiligence_on_SI-5/12/2015
277FDA approves ABBV/ENTA 3-DAA regimen called Viekira Pak: fda.govDewDiligence_on_SI-12/19/2014
276‘Cheat Sheet’ for GILD’s phase-3 trials of Sovaldi+GS-5816: siliconinvestor.comDewDiligence_on_SI-7/28/2014
275Triaging of HCV patients (from today’s Boston Globe): siliconinvestor.comDewDiligence_on_SI-6/1/2014
274The CDC and HHS are helping to get the word out about the dangers of untreated HDewDiligence_on_SI-4/23/2014
273Phase-3 HCV Datasets for ABBV/ENTA vs GILD (you be the judge): siliconinvestorDewDiligence_on_SI-2/2/2014
272‘Cheat Sheet’ for BMY’s phase-3 trials of Sovaldi + Daclatasvir: siliconinvestorDewDiligence_on_SI-1/12/2014
271Musings on GILD's excellent 'ION' data: siliconinvestor.comDewDiligence_on_SI-12/19/2013
270GILD borrows a page from ABBV/ ENTA in HCV: siliconinvestor.comDewDiligence_on_SI-11/14/2013
269GILD's executive officers continue their colossal insider selling: siliconinDewDiligence_on_SI-11/9/2013
268GILD starts "GT3 bailout" trial: siliconinvestor.comDewDiligence_on_SI-10/16/2013
267Cheat Sheet for ABBV/ENTA Phase-3 HCV Program (expanded & updated): siliconDewDiligence_on_SI-9/16/2013
266Demystifying ABBV/ENTA’s SAPHIRE-1/2 trials: siliconinvestor.comDewDiligence_on_SI-9/5/2013
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