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With the continuing technological advances in the area of Internet Science, it is now possible for the Web Surfer to visit WebPages that offer FREE MUSIC AND VIDEO!!

I happened to discover several interesting sites last night as I was searching for a particular musical genre called House Music.

To my wonder and amazement, I discovered numerous sites which house CD quality songs and music mixes from around the world!!!

Users can tap into these treasures, using RealAudio and MS NetShow, which are available for free download!!

Several of my favorites are as follows: :Dance Music Online :Dance Music Top 10 :House Music of Hamburg :Dance Music Top 10 : Global Dance Radio :NetMix :DJ BIZZ Mixes :Party Radio :WIDR Radio House Music Web Site :WBMX-Old House Mixes

Post your favorite music/video sites here for all to enjoy!!

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95go on and wring my neck like when a rag gets wet (at 0:19) [youtube video] [yovitalremains-Sunday
94gathering sights within my mind contemplating thoughts I left behind (at 0:29 / vitalremains-last Saturday
93a greeting I send to you short and sweet to the soul I intend (at 0:28 & 2:3vitalremains-last Saturday
92it is your right and your ability to become my perfect enemy (at 1:44) [youtubevitalremains-September 10
91my mother is always stressing I ain't living right but I ain't going outvitalremains-September 10
90I am on my hands and knees I want so much to believe (at 3:22) [youtube video] vitalremains-September 10
89seen so much in so many places so many heartaches so many faces (at 2:18) [youtvitalremains-August 15
88what a fantastic death abyss it's the hearts filthy lesson (at 4:07 / 4:12 /vitalremains-August 12
87I'll ignite your fear today well I can take you far away (at 1:05 / 1:46 / 2vitalremains-August 12
86angels with silver wings shouldn't know suffering (at 1:28) [youtube video]vitalremains-August 6
85lived the misery but now I'm accepting the man that I can be (at 1:10) [youvitalremains-August 6
84twist of fate won't give me a break (at 2:17) [youtube video] (at 7:05) [vitalremains-August 5
83a heartbeat drives you mad in the stillness of remembering what you had (at 0:54vitalremains-August 5
82don't resent me and when you're feeling empty keep me in your memory (atvitalremains-July 21
81You will find yourself. Follow your heart and nothing else. (at 4:18) [youtube vitalremains-July 3
80run from the truth / run from myself / run so far there is no one to help (at 1vitalremains-July 2
79we will meet again tomorrow but you will never know (at 1:13) [youtube video]vitalremains-July 2
78we always say it won't be long but something is always wrong (at 1:00 / 2:0vitalremains-July 1
77eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die (at 0:37 & 2:44) [youtube video]vitalremains-June 15
76my broken spirit is frozen to the core - don't want to be here no more (at vitalremains-June 14
75you will know what to do when it gets hold of you (at 2:17) [youtube video] [yvitalremains-June 14
74just like a demon's eye the moon was dancing on the blackened sky (at 0:35) vitalremains-June 14
73it's a monumental big screen kiss it's so deep it's meaningless (at vitalremains-June 14
72Fall out and take the bait. Eat the fruit. And kiss the snake goodnight. (at 0:5vitalremains-May 31
71I stay close to the heat and even when I was close to defeat I rose to my feet vitalremains-May 31
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