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With the continuing technological advances in the area of Internet Science, it is now possible for the Web Surfer to visit WebPages that offer FREE MUSIC AND VIDEO!!

I happened to discover several interesting sites last night as I was searching for a particular musical genre called House Music.

To my wonder and amazement, I discovered numerous sites which house CD quality songs and music mixes from around the world!!!

Users can tap into these treasures, using RealAudio and MS NetShow, which are available for free download!!

Several of my favorites are as follows: :Dance Music Online :Dance Music Top 10 :House Music of Hamburg :Dance Music Top 10 : Global Dance Radio :NetMix :DJ BIZZ Mixes :Party Radio :WIDR Radio House Music Web Site :WBMX-Old House Mixes

Post your favorite music/video sites here for all to enjoy!!

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112nothing else remains • loss is now my gain (at 3:52) [youtube video] (at 3:38vitalremains-last Sunday
111bid my blood to run before I come undone (at 1:03 / 1:49 / 3:09) [youtube videovitalremains-February 3
110words like violence break the silence (at 2:18) [youtube video] (at 0:35) [youvitalremains-February 3
109say "can you help me?" right before the fall take what you can and leavitalremains-February 3
108thinking on you in the final throes this is when my buzzer goes (at 1:42) [youtvitalremains-January 19
107following a lost spirit that you see and now it's rehearsing for tragedy (atvitalremains-January 19
106hate's spiraling kiss destroys* sanity's bliss (at 0:50) [youtube videovitalremains-January 19
105return the love or return the pain, do anything that will make me sane (at 0:36vitalremains-12/22/2017
104it's beyond my control sometimes it's best to let go (at 0:24) [youtubevitalremains-11/12/2017
103sometimes everything is wrong - now it's time to sing along (at 1:15) [youtvitalremains-11/12/2017
102wasn't sure I was getting through; been a pleasure doing business with you (vitalremains-10/22/2017
101did somebody say that a love like ours won't last (at 0:40 & 2:35) [youvitalremains-10/15/2017
100let me feel that love come over me let me feel how strong it can be (at 3:33) [vitalremains-10/15/2017
99in my face is flashing signs - seek it out and ye' shall find (at 0:42) [yovitalremains-10/7/2017
98now and again I get the feeling if I don't win am I gonna break even (at 0:5vitalremains-10/3/2017
97all I feel is black and white - I am wound up small and tight (at 1:00 & 2:2vitalremains-9/30/2017
96today is your lucky day the executioner is here and he is ready to make you pay vitalremains-9/23/2017
95go on and wring my neck like when a rag gets wet (at 0:19) [youtube video] [yovitalremains-9/17/2017
94gathering sights within my mind contemplating thoughts I left behind (at 0:29 / vitalremains-9/16/2017
93a greeting I send to you short and sweet to the soul I intend (at 0:28 & 2:3vitalremains-9/16/2017
92it is your right and your ability to become my perfect enemy (at 1:44) [youtubevitalremains-9/10/2017
91my mother is always stressing I ain't living right but I ain't going outvitalremains-9/10/2017
90I am on my hands and knees I want so much to believe (at 3:22) [youtube video] vitalremains-9/10/2017
89seen so much in so many places so many heartaches so many faces (at 2:18) [youtvitalremains-8/15/2017
88what a fantastic death abyss it's the hearts filthy lesson (at 4:07 / 4:12 /vitalremains-8/12/2017
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