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Who are Libertarians? What is Libertarian philosophy? Is it relevant to issues that confront us today? There seems to be a lot of interest in this topic, with opinions pro and con, here at SI. This thread is for questions, answers, and discussions of Libertarian principles and their application to real life situations. Lively debate and all opinions are welcome, but at least a moderate degree of civility would be appreciated. Let freedom ring!

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11884We’re raiding 7-11 stores to maybe catch “illegal” immigrants? How deep do we stRoad Walker-January 10
11883Collective Action Kills Innovation by Alex Tabarrok Marginal Revolution Glenn Petersen2January 4
11882Justice and Liberty Have No Better Spokesman than Cicero Cicero merits renewed aTom Clarke212/28/2017
11881 Bitcoin is none of the things it was supposed to be The cryptocurrency was supGlenn Petersen412/25/2017
11880Tech's new D.C. partner: Charles Koch Libertarian billionaire Koch and leftGlenn Petersen112/10/2017
11879Adam Smith on Occupational Licensing by Alex Tabarrok Marginal Revolution Glenn Petersen512/7/2017
11878Sen. Feinstein rather boldly asked Google to take action to hamper RT’s ability Glenn Petersen211/30/2017
11877Censorship Comes to Google Senator Feinstein rather boldly asked Google to takTimF111/30/2017
11876State Coercion Is Intoxicating, Seductive, and Wrong Even otherwise good peoplTimF-11/27/2017
11875Sleeper SCOTUS Blockbuster may be the Next Kelo by Carrie Severino National Glenn Petersen-11/18/2017
11874The same officials who decry this kind of obstructionist “land-banking” that gumGlenn Petersen211/14/2017
11873Floating Cities, No Longer Science Fiction, Begin to Take Shape By DAVID GELLESRoad Walker211/14/2017
11872My disagreements with the Koch brothers are minor. I am flummoxed that they geneJoe Btfsplk311/13/2017
11871Libertarian billionaire Charles Koch is making a big bet on foreign policy By Glenn Petersen111/13/2017
11870Supply and Demand by Alex Tabarrok Marginal Revolution on NoGlenn Petersen111/6/2017
11869Prostitution Reduces Rape It makes sense.dave rose-11/2/2017
11868Prostitution Reduces Rape by Alex Tabarrok Marginal Revolution Glenn Petersen-10/31/2017
11867That whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of grass, to grow upon TimF-10/30/2017
11866The Private Production of Roads Robert P. Murphy * econliTimF-10/30/2017
11865Commentary: Giving kids an old-fashioned childhood is not abuse By Brandon LogaTimF210/27/2017
11864Indian Civil Society Pushes Back Against Abuse of Power by Alex Tabarrok on AprTimF-10/26/2017
11863Guest Post By Colin Cortbus: Angela Merkel‘s Empire of Censorship and DeceptionTimF-10/26/2017
11862In Which My Identity Is Sought By Federal Grand Jury Subpoena October 24, 2017 bTimF-10/26/2017
11861Paying Attention to Incentives By Randal O'Toole Response Essays TimF-10/26/2017
11860DOJ Demands Info on Popehat and Others Tagged in Smiley Emoji Tweet The feds arTom Clarke210/25/2017
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