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Deutschland - 2014 Fussball Weltmeister

remarkable accomplishment by germany, its 4th world cup victory. they win the cup in brasil, at maracana first european team to win in the americas, which adds to this great victory over argentina 1 x 0

the game was intense in strategy and very tight on the field, both teams played 120 minutes and it appeared towards the end that argentina was getting tired... remembering that argentina played overtime to defeat the dutch in penalty shots, whereas germany 'walked over brazil' in the weirdest game of futbol i have ever seen, defeating... no, trouncing the brasilians by 7 x 1

argentina had at least three opportunities when they could have scored, the clearest was at the 21 minute mark due to a HUGE mistake by toni kross who gives the ball to higuain... just outside the big box. the argentinean striker blows away the gift with a poor shot that goes wide...

argentina switch their strategy, (probably due to exhaustion) and just about half way in the second half, they retreated and started playing defensibly, hoping to score through a fast counter-attack, in contrast germany became more aggressive, and even more so as they started the overtime period... so they began attacking and on the 113th minute of the overtime period, they succeeded with a great cross from schurrle to mario goetze, who controls the ball with his chest and fires past romero, putting the ball in the argentinean net... scoring the single gol of the game, wnough to make them world champions for the fourth time.

as usual, the referees were disgraceful, pathetic and incompetent... it seems to be the norm and something that t is part and parcel of the obstacles that need to be overcome in winning a world cup.

my personal favorites were costa rica, colombia, mexico, and of course the german team who played well, and managed the tournament like the champions that they are.

my personal 'bad guys" of the tournament were robben (netherlands - because of his excessive use of dives, clearly giving the dutch the victory over mexico for the non- existent penalty he got for his acting);
colombia's zúñiga for his unnecessary tackle on neymar jr. injuring him enough to take him out of the cup; and of course, bad boy suarez for his rodent instincts upon chiellini...

but even worse than all of these bad guys..... it is FIFA the baddest of them all, who suspended suarez for his bite, and did absolutely nothing to zúñiga, for his tackle on neymar.

and to brasil..... muito obrigado for a fantastic world cup, incredible venues and magnificent views of this beautiful country.... sorry for the disaster that team brasil turned out to be, so the work must begin to prepare for russia in 2018

yes, the referees continue to need eye seeing dogs... they are a joke, and FIFA SUCKS ! who hires them all
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5048messi unable to make a penalty kick. sad.FUBHO-last Saturday
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5046The people that play soccer are TINY little men. They could let girls and men FUBHO1last Saturday
5045 next time one of those gorillas-american-hand-ball over-aggressive fan/player mX Y Zebra1June 15
5044 final Ronaldo (Portugal) 3 x 3 España España lost 2 points needX Y Zebra-June 15
5043shitttttt....... portugal 3 x 3 españa needless foul. game given away..X Y Zebra-June 15
5042 geeezzzuussss... what an error by the goalie... ronaldo 2 x españa 1X Y Zebra-June 15
5041so true. lolFUBHO-June 15
5040GOOOOOOOOLLLLL. de España Isco.... tied. 1 x 1X Y Zebra-June 15
5039this referee is a kommie and a spy for PortugalX Y Zebra1June 15
5038 lol... worst part the referee gave Ronaldo a prize for actingX Y Zebra-June 15
5037I don't like them getting excited over making a penalty kick. My mom could FUBHO-June 15
5036gol by Ronaldo. (penalty) Spain 0 x 1 Portugal Oscar for Ronaldo.... ah yeX Y Zebra-June 15
5035Ahem...... maybe i should have applied to MIT. -lol MessaX Y Zebra-June 15
5034i don't think either team has a chance, but then again, i do not see any teaX Y Zebra-June 15
5033Champions League Final Real Madrid 3 x 1 Liverpool first half was played X Y Zebra-June 15
5032 Uruguay saves the day with a late header, beats Egypt 1 x 0 Iran v Morocco.X Y Zebra-June 15
5031 lol.... well, i could see that 5 miles away... surprised it was not 8 or 10X Y Zebra-June 15
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