Politics : The Trump Presidency

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To: bentway who wrote (35048)9/14/2017 2:48:25 AM
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Are you thinking that religious people think the human beings inhabiting this planet are all of God's creation? That we're unique in the universe?

I don't know how it all works but I also don't need to know. Personally, I assume that the workings are scientific in nature. God may simply be a higher life form that swung by earth and did a little gene splicing.
As in taking a rib and molding a woman from it.

I believe that throughout history, some people have fasted,meditated, studied and prayed to the point that they got little inklings. Little glimpses into divine workings that they then attempted to explain and codify. But never perfectly clear. From that come ideas such as God using a rib, i.e. altering DNA, to make something new. Or the Genesis story that lays out creation in a time sequence that aligns with modern evolutionary theories.

Or Genesis 6:1-8. The Sons of God lay with the daughters of men and created offspring called the Nephilim. These offspring are described as a race of half-human creatures that were giants with physical superiority and aggressiveness. There are a variety of interpretations of these verses down through the ages, but considering what we now know about Neanderthals, maybe these Bible verses reflect a time when Neanderthals coexisted with humans, passing on DNA. These Nephilim were wiped out, i.e. abruptly disappeared as science describes it today, by the Flood.
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