Politics : The Trump Presidency

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To: Wharf Rat who wrote (35046)9/14/2017 1:57:44 AM
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>> Feynman stared down climate science without mentioning it even once, a feat only mind readers can appreciate. If he was alive today, he'd be calling you a cargo cultist.

To the contrary, the reason I [re]-posted that Cargo Cult lecture was pointing out that it had the look and feel of today's climate science.

You can be committed to environmentalism, and even the precepts of climate change, without losing your objectivity. A number of well-recognized climate scientists (like Judith Curry, for example) have done it, and they have truly bolstered the science more than the Michael Mann pseudo-scientists have. (Even today, you run from the very mention of Mann's bogus papers from 98 & 99 by saying, "Oh, but look at all these.")

The Cargo Cult is an example of what climate science is today.

I think you would find objectivity on the topic to be scientifically refreshing.
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