Politics : The Trump Presidency

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To: combjelly who wrote (35013)9/14/2017 1:09:04 AM
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First, you are confusing the Bible with the Church. Assuming you mean the Catholic church since you go back in history, you have to accept that they are two distinct things. The Catholic church became so corrupted by greed and politics that it is a matter of historical record that scripture was distorted to serve the interests of the ruling clergy at the time. But the Bible itself, as a collection the spiritual experiences and thoughts of a variety of writers/historians, is a separate entity.

The Bible itself makes no mention of flat earth, or birth control and abortion, or the sun revolving around the earth. Those ideas came from men, in fact often men of science who simply lacked the instruments needed to answer those kinds of questions definitively.

I'm not intending to be snarky, but you might want to consider this. You would never try to discuss or argue the ideas contained in War and Peace without having read the book first. The same is true of the Bible. I also don't think you'd enter a discussion of War and Peace armed only with Wikipedia. The same is true of the Bible.

I did check all of your scriptural references, though. The only one that might be slightly germaine is Ecclesiastes 1:5 that says the "sun comes up and the sun goes down", instead of explaining that observation in terms of earth's revolution away from the sun. But why does that even matter?
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