Politics : The Trump Presidency

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To: one_less who wrote (35033)9/14/2017 12:57:40 AM
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" I followed Al Gore's endeavors and concluded he is a con man"
That's not a very good conclusion. Try thinking of him as a journalist whose college mentor started the first lab in the world to track atmospheric CO2.

"it makes me skeptical about some of the conclusions"
It shouldn't. You should be skeptical about the people who are telling you to be skeptical. They are trying to get you to buy their carbon.

" proposed "solutions" that have political ramifications"

Yes, of course. Politicians are the ones who have to implement programs, if we decide to do something.They also have to bear all of the responsibility if we decide not to. I come from the ground zero of political ramifications, beginning when Raygun was governor. One of the ramifications is that your car prolly meets Calif emission standards, cuz we have such a big market that we can move Detroit.

1967The California Air Resources Board was created from the merging of the California Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board and the Bureau of Air Sanitation and its Laboratory. The Mulford-Carrell Air Resources Act was signed into law by Governor Ronald Reagan.
Federal Air Quality Act of 1967 was enacted. It established a framework for defining "air quality control regions" based on meteorological and topographical factors of air pollution. It allowed the State of California a waiver to set and enforce its own emissions standards for new vehicles based on California's unique need for more stringent controls.

Later on, during the '73 oil shock, Raygun started the California Energy Commission. Then, IIRC, a prof at Cal named Arthur Rosenfeld wanted to turn off the lights in his office, found he had to move a bookcase to do it, and became The Energy Guru. Then Jerry Brown became guv, and appointed AR to head the CEC.
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