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From: IceHawk9/13/2017 6:58:23 PM
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There is no doubt that OLED will dominate the future of the TV market.

In addition to doubling the capacity, pushing OLED's LG Display, what needs to be done?

What is the future of television in the future? TV display technology in the end who will dominate the dominant? These problems, different enterprises, different media, have a different interpretation. In the leading OLED industry development of the LG Display seems, there is no doubt that OLED will dominate the future of the TV market.

OLED display effect

Nail technology from the LG Display side was informed that OLED production capacity in the next three years will be greatly improved. Production, LG Display has been to ensure that more than 100,000 per month capacity.At the same time in 2017 capacity of up to about 1.8 million, 2018 will be further expanded to 3 million of production capacity, and 2020 production capacity will reach 6 million.

In the capacity of almost every year doubled the situation, pushing OLED's LG Display also need to do in order to ensure the scale of OLED TV development?

Objectively, OLED TV, although high-end, LG Display even think that OLED TV is synonymous with high-end TV, but the overall size of OLED TV shipments is still very small.

Ovied cloud data show that OLED retail sales in China this year is expected to 16 million units, although almost doubled in 2018, but also 30 million units. You know, the Chinese market every year, the scale of television retail sales in more than 40 million units, means that the penetration rate of OLED TV even 1% are not.

OLED TV market forecast

So, to achieve LG Display Lv Xiangde president of the "lead the future of the TV market," the goal, LG Display and the entire OLED industry also need to do a lot of work.

In the nail technology view, these work includes the following aspects:

First, the capacity to enhance the basis of the yield to continue to improve. LG Display held in the OLED peak event, nail technology note LG Display shows a lot of cutting-edge technology and applications, but also revealed the capacity to enhance the planning. However, there is no information about the rate of improvement. Previously, many questioned the voice of OLED, but also around the yield problem, so nail technology that improve the yield to the level of LCD, significantly reduce the upstream costs, so as to help the terminal business faster market popularity, or panel business must do The

Second, the unity of more mainstream terminal companies, the formation of a more powerful marketing force.LG Display since 2013 began mass production of OLED TV panel, starting from LG Electronics, in China, Europe, Japan, the rapid expansion of customers to 13. In this year's IFA 2017, LG Electronics, Skyworth, Konka, Philips, Panasonic and other TV manufacturers, have demonstrated its OLED TV products. However, OLED real supporters, nothing more than LG Electronics, Skyworth Sony, other brands or just to be a gesture, or hard power is not enough. Global shipments of the top five enterprises, Samsung, Hisense, TCL are not OLED camp, basically count quantum dot camp. If you can not win these enterprises or some of their business support, OLED promotion is bound to encounter heavy resistance. In fact, Hisense and other companies did not say the words of death, it must not push OLED, Samsung is the largest small size OLED panel providers, these companies are likely to become a member of the future of the OLED camp. Of course, this also requires the OLED industry to continue to show its potential, charm and maturity to attract more mainstream business participation.

OLED TV show

Third, the conventional means, looking for detonating the market a key factor. If capacity, yield is guaranteed, and there are more terminal companies involved, then the OLED industry will enter an accelerated development of the channel. But this process may be very long, and in this long process, quantum dots, lasers and other new technologies have what kind of growth, will not form an overwhelming advantage of OLED, are difficult to predict.Therefore, OLED if you want a burst in a short period of time the trend, you need to detonate a key factor in the market. Not long ago outgoing Apple may launch OLED TV, the news is true and false, but LG Display is actually able to do this work, because once Apple really interested in pushing TV and OLED TV, then it is likely to become Detonating the market that key factor.

In addition, in fact, LG Display are not necessarily the OLED completely betting in the television industry, OLED flexible, ultra-thin effect, can be applied in more areas, and in these areas OLED promotion resistance may be much smaller than the television field. This point, LG Display can be like Foxconn bet 8K and try to build 8K ecological chain, like to build an OLED ecological chain.

The future has come, it is a good hope. What is the future of the beautiful look, we will wait and see. (This article for the IT Internet observant Ding Ding original, micro letter Gong Du: dingkeji2015, reproduced must indicate the source.)

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