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Thank you L'manoledguy...

"It is anticipated that the combination of graded doping and the use of excited state sinks can increase the lifetime of blue PHOLEDs by a factor of 1000 or more, compared to current conventional devices. This approach is general, and hence can also be applied to red and green phosphorescent devices as well as blue devices as disclosed herein. Hence, excited state sinking may result in phosphor lifetimes exceeding 1 million hours in some cases.

[0048] Excited state management as disclosed herein also may be used in devices and arrangements that make use of phosphor sensitized fluorescence and/or thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF). Both techniques typically require sensitizers having energies higher than the emissive energy, especially "hyperfluorescence" in which a TADF sensitizer transfers energy to a blue fluorophore. In both cases, EML grading and/or excited state management as disclosed herein may provide improved lifetimes of the devices"

If they can be manufactured efficiently these are huge fundamental advances in OLED tech. Stability improvements of this magnitude have the potential to make micro-LED's obsolete before they even reach the launch pad. They also have the power to improve the value proposition of new applications like OLED lighting, opening many new markets...

I think that NEW fundamental innovations like these are key to an effective contract negotiation with Samsung.

A lot has changed and IMPROVED within UDC's patent portfolio since they signed their last agreement in 2011. In addition to their own fundamental innovations UDC has added large IP portfolios through acquisitions.

UDC has leverage because Samsung is DEPENDENT upon UDC for the technology necessary to produce efficient, long lived and marketable OLED displays from their large manufacturing base.

IMHO it is time that UDC get paid commensurate with the value that they bring to the OLED ecosystem!
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